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Waterbuck, Lechwe, Reedbuck, Kobus, Regunca

Family Bovidae

Subfamily Reduncinae (Waterbucks)
Genus Kobus
Upemba lechwe, Kobus anselli
Waterbuck, Kobus ellipsiprymnus
Kob, Kobus kob
Waterbuck, Uganda-kob, Kobus kob thomasi
Waterbuck, Puku, Kobus kob vardoni
Lechwe, Kobus leche
Nile Lechwe, Kobus megaceros
Puku, Kobus vardonii
Defassa waterbuck, Kobus defassa ??

Genus Redunca
Southern Reedbuck, Redunca arundinum
Mountain Reedbuck, Redunca fulvorufula
Bohor (Common) Reedbuck, Redunca redunca

Waterbuck, Ellipse-vannbukk, Kobus ellipsiprymnus

© John H. Fields, http://www.meandmephoto.com/Africa/Pages/Animals.html

© John H. Fields, http://www.meandmephoto.com/Africa/Pages/Animals.html

Kobus ellipsiprymnus Ogilby
Photographer: Chuck Bargeron
, http://www.forestryimages.org/

female in east Africa
Photographer: Kenneth M. Gale, http://www.forestryimages.org/

Small herd of female waterbuck
Kobus ellipsiprymnus Ogilby

Photographer: William M. Ciesla, http://www.forestryimages.org/

også: Kobus ellipsipymnus defassa, Defassa-vannbukk


 Antiloper og gaseller (norwegian)
 Antiloper: Dik dik (norwegian)
 Antiloper: Gnuen (norwegian)

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