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Red-breasted Merganser, Mergus serrator  

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The Red-breasted Merganser male has blackish green head, white ring around its neck and redbrown breast.
The female has brown head and neck, and a white throat.

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The Red-breasted Merganser is good at diving, and has saw-tags on the edges of the bill,
which makes it easy to keep the fish it catches when diving.

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It is not uncommon to se The Red-breasted Merganser with up to 20 chickens or more.
Not because it is extra productive, but rather that the mother has met another couple,
then taken over her chicken, and now takes care of them all.

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The Red-breasted Merganser is normally wintering along the Norwegian coast,
where you may be lucky to view large flocks counting several thousand birds at once.

Denmark, January 2007
Photo © Jørgen Scheel

Myvatn, Iceland 2004
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Texty more or less from 'Norges Fugleliv', Det Beste A/S 1997


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