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West fiords, Iceland  

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The West Fjords are Iceland's least-populated region, with 9.600 inhabitants in an area
measuring 9.520 km². Isafjördur, with a population of 3.500 is the largest town. Eight
other smaller town follows, and finally Drangsnes and Sùdavik as the smallest.

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In the deepest of Arnarfjördur, which is 5-10 km wide and 30 km long, is Borgarfjördur,
and in the bottom of this fiord, you find the bay of Dynjandisvogur, which is fed by the waterfall
Dynjandi (Thunderer).

When you see it at first, far away, you imagine that here comes something big. And it is big.

Dynjandi is about 30 m wide at the top and 60 m at the bottom and
100 m high, and such the most impressive waterfall in the West Fjords and one of the most beautiful in all of Iceland.

Below the main waterfall is a series of waterfalls cascading: Hundafoss, Strokkur, Gögumannafoss, Hrisvadsfoss and Baejarfoss.

 Just to give you an impression of how
big this waterfall really is, look at the picture to the left, and notice the TWO persons walking down the slopes there...

If you look at the two pictures above, this is the lowest of the waterfalls there,
and when you look at that one , it is amazing all by itself.

But there are much more included in the West fiords....

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