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Day 2

A new day with new adventures.
The morning gave us a shock. Were the clouds coming down, giving us fog all day?

They did not. And soon after leaving Höfn we sighted the first arms from the
big Vatnajökull glacier coming down the mountainslopes.

Looks like the mountain has given birth to some baby-mountains....(?)
And more mountains were to come, and in between more arms from the glacier.

The Jökulsárlón, which we found so exciting that we gave it its own page here.

After leaving Jökulsárlón, more arms were coming down from the glacier.

Even as it looked cold around, the spring was here already, and along the road
there were many different flowers blooming.

Then came the next big surprise - Svartifoss in Skaftafell.
Half an hour to walk up from the road, but it was it well worth.
This also has its own page here.

As shown on the page of Svartifoss, the landscape we were now going to pass,
was quite unusual:

Notice the road going straight ahead, mile after mile.

Lava all over the plain. Mile after mile. Only interupted by hundreds of smaller and larger rivers,
as shown on the picture above the lava.

During the day, the wind began blewing harder, and during the afternoon,
it reached gale force 21. That gave us this (unbelieveable?) picture:

A waterfall with no water coming down - it all blew up!!

Another theme that amused us, was the lupines growing along the road.
There were not only one or two, there were thousands by thousands.

'Lupinus nootkatensis; the nootka lupine is one of the taller and robust herbal flowering plants in Iceland
and can not be mistaken easily by other common plants on Iceland.
It has been introduced in Iceland for purposes of soil fertilization.
It has settled in different regions of Iceland where it can be found on dry, poor, often disturbed soils.
It also grows commonly along roadsides.'
Text above from the wonderful Iceland-pages of http://www1.bos.nl/~dvuijk/index.html (not active as per Sept.2010)

And as if it wasn't enough impressions to day, we might just as well take one more:
Skógafoss in Skógar,

With a close study of the seagull up there by the top of the waterfall.

So now we really deserved some sleep, and that bring us to the end of Day 2.

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