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Day 5, 6 and 7

Ingólfur Arnason - in Reykjavik.
Why, amongst all the monuments in Reykjavik is this the only one shown here?
Because, some 30 generations back, Ingólfur is one of my forefathers.
He was the first norseman to build a home in Iceland.
The first place was in Reykjavik about 875 AD.

We stayed at a nice camping-site here for the next two days,
visiting family and the NORDVULK, The Nordic Volcanological Institute.

More about Reykjavik to come....
Meanwhile, let's continue our tour.

Day 7
Off at about 14:00 to Reykholt, to see where Snorre Sturlason lived.

On the way we passed Laxá, in english: 'Salmon River'.
That was the first of about 15 or 20 rivers with that name, which should indicate
that there are great possibilities for salmon-fishing in Iceland! (?)

More info on Snorre later.

It was there at his place, we were told not to miss Hraunfossar, further up the valley.
so on the road again to new adventures.
They are on THIS PAGE.

That was our stop for the night.

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