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Måbødalen (Oslo-Bergen)

On your way from Oslo to Bergen, you have to pass through this valley, when you go down from the mountain plateau called Hardangervidda.

Earlier foreigners often hired local people to take their cars down. To day tunnels have been build, both for good and bad. You miss a lot of the view as all you see from inside the tunnels are stonemasses....

Take a stop on the top and look at the wellknown waterfall, one of Norway's highest: Vøringsfossen.


You better go there in the middle of the day.

This valley is so deep, that sunshine will not reach the buttom during early morning or late daytime hours.


It is the river Bjoreio that is said
to have made this deep canyon, on
its way out to the famous
cherry- and appleflowering


It is very difficult
to get a picture of
the high waterfall,
as you have to do
some climbing ...

But part of it is shown

By the way, the road
up to the top was
build from 1887-1914
and before that
the horses and people
had to climb 1500 stairsteps
and round 125 curves
on their way.



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over 500


over 225
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