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Flowers At 70° North

Jåblom (pronounced 'yau-blom' in norwegian) has, of course, a latin name:
Parnassia palustris
but also an english: Grass-of-Parnassus.
This beautiful flower is not limited to 70°North, but is found all over in Norway,
even up to 1.750 m asl. Anyway, I have never seen such a beatiful plant
of this sort anywhere else, so a picture truly belongs here.

Another one which amazes me, is the Blåklokke (pronounced 'blau-klok-ke').
Not that it is a seldom flower. That one also is found all over the country, but again,
you never see them so beautiful as up here.
Latin name? It is Campanula rotundifolia.
To see its surroundings, click on the picture for a larger view in a new window.

Just couldn't help it - had to put on another picture of this lovely flower.
By the way, the red berries shown all over during august and september
on the island, is called Skrubbær or Dwarf Cornel, in latin:
Cornus Suecica

Finally, all over the island, and in Norway as well, is the Røsslyng flowering.
To pronounce that in norwegian you have to say something like 'Roess-ling'.
Anyway, it helps giving the autumn-colored landscape a nice tint.
In latin: Calluna vulgaris

We shall not forget moltene, the cloud-berries, the Queen of the berries in Norway.
In latin: rubus chamaemorus
They are found in most of the country, but larger quantities mainly in the
northern part, where they also are well guarded - so be careful.....

and that brings us to the animal- and birdlife of 70° North. Click here:

 Flora for Karlsøy - Flora on Karlsoy - northern Norway,
  lots of flowers, latin names,pictures etc, great page! (Norwegian only)



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