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Where is 70° North?

Yes, it's right there, off the tip of Lyngen Peninsula, and just off the tip of our Summer-holiday island.
If you are not yet with us, it's just as far north as Central-Alaska, Southern Greenland and Siberia.
To show you even closer, look at the map of Norway below:

The black spot to the left with the unreadable name is Tromsø City
At the end of the name Tromsø, right below the N in 70°N
the Lyngen-fiord is cutting its way southwards.

Just off the mouth of the Lyngen-fiord, you will find the island of Arnøya.
On this picture you see the western part of the island with the small
community of Akkarvik to the left of the mountain.

Click on the picture for a broader view, including the TV-antenna
on topp of the mountain.
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The 'Alps' of Lyngen, on the western side of the Lyngen-fiord, are a long line of mountains that need widescreen
to display....They are world-famous as a skiing and climbing area. The top to the left is the "Tverrbakktind"
at 1.390 m asl.and to the right of that is a great glacier. The mountain to the right is 'only' at 1.224 m asl.
What makes the mountains up here so amazing, is that they rise directly from the sea.

The upper left mountainrange is the outmost part of the 'Alps' of Lyngen, where the last top
has the name 'Lyngstuva'. The land behind to the right is Reinøy and Vannøy some 25 km away.

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