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Learning about Earthquakes etc

This was written sometimes around 1996

What have I learned so far, after few months and no time on the net? Quite a lot. First of all,
I did not know that there were so many quakes every day, every hour. Second I found that
normal people do not hear about most quakes, as newspapers and radio/tv do not find them exciting enough.

I have been following the latest news reports from USGS almost daily,USGS Daily Reports.
and at least downloaded their weekly reports, which I have found very interesting. I also found
that CNN was fast to post newsarticles about most of the larger quakes, at least those more
than magnitude about 5.5.CNN World News.

After having found the Geologylink Today page:Geologylink Today, I also found that Nando
Times was awake when something happened.Nando Times World News

Soon I learned to check newspapers around the world to obtain more details when a large
quake occured. One of my first experiences was the quake in Peru in november/96, when I learned quite a lot about Peru:Peru Info,
and found interesting articles in La Replublica
(of course in spanish, but my wife is giving me help on that...).

However, sometimes it looks like a quake with several injured people, or even deaths, does not concern some newspapers at all -
or I am looking at the wrong places. I will not mention which countries here, but I believe they are there...

I have done a lot of searching, using such machines as AltaVista, Excite, Magellan, Yahoo etc - and what I have found is that there
still is a lot of web-pages to look at, and I will never be able to...

Also I found that the area of the Norwegian Sea and North Sea, west of Norway, is a place
where there are quite many quakes, up to magnitude 5.0. See my page at Quakes and oil exploration. Since I live not too far away,
it concerns me a bit, as nobody seems to feel the least concerned about it - and since we have some of our largest gas- and
oilresources in that area.

When sea ground falls 7 meters in 20 years, and quakes take place from time to time during
the year, I just have to ask what will happen if we get a quake with a magnitude more than
5.0 in that area? Ask someone, and you will get an answer - don't ask, and you will not know.
So I did. And what did I get into? A lot of kindly people knowing thousand times more that
I do about these things, telling me about 'induced seismicity' and what has happened other
places on the earth. One interesting article about that I found in the Netherlands at KNMI:
Induced seismicity in the Netherlands , and a giant web-site in US Induced Earthquake Bibliography.
After having asked a bit more, I found these useful pages on the theme:
Earthquake Hazard And Risk and Earthquakes in Northern Europe Jan.95 to June 96.with
a very interesting map.

So - I am still learning, and I still find it interesting, and my only hope is that more people will
spend some time studing our big wonderful and exciting earth. If I can help, that is good.
If I only confuse people - I will find some other interests - butterflies or snails maybe....

Meanwhile - here is my last hit in my search for more info: Seismo-surfing the Internet-
It's a big one - so be aware!
Always happy to hear from people whom may have found something on my pages!


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