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Lewotobi (Laki-Laki), Indonesia  

Lewotobi-volcano, with the summits Lakilaki og Perempuan, also called 'husband and wife'.

Lewotobi is the east-most volcano on the Flores Island in Indonesia. It is a strato-volcan
that has had at least 19 eruptions since 1675. There are two large vents, the Lakilaki and
Perempuan. Only two eruptions have occured from the last one.

Lewotobi is just above the number 125 on the bottom-line

September 1st, 2003
An erupting volcano in eastern Indonesia has forced villagers living on its slopes to flee
showers of hot ash. The state Antara news agency says the 1,700-metre Mount Lewotobi
on Flores island erupted on Sunday evening and was still spewing hot ash on Monday.
Residents of at least six villages have fled their homes and are being taken to
Konga village, which has not been affected by the eruption.
Later reports say that Lewotobi erupted suddently and violently on Sunday.
The volcano ejected bombs ash and gas several hundred meters above the crater causing an
emergency evacuation of 6 small villages surrounding the volcano.

July 2nd, 1999
A smaller eruption occured yesterday, about 10 AM. No advices about damages or
wounded persons, but alers-level has been raised.

March, 31st, 1999
At 6.30 AM smoke was seen at least a 250 m up in the air above the volcano.
One week before the volcano became restless and a dome inside the crater grew larger.
Yesterday rumbling was heard from inside the crater, and the alert-level is now on YELLOW.

The eruptions at Lewotobi normally last for some time. In 1990 it began in February, and did
not end till the middle of 1992.

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