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Didicas, Philippines

Didicas volcano, 22 km NE of Camiguin Island, was a submarine volcano prior to 1952,
when a permanent island was formed. Didicas now consists of a small, 244-m-high lava dome
about 1.4 km in longest exposed dimension with a 400-m-wide crater.
The first recorded eruption of Didicas was in 1773. An earlier cone of fragmental material
reached a height of 213 m in 1860, after a four-year-long eruption, but soon was eroded
beneath the sea. Three rock masses were left after an eruption in 1900.
Two eruptions have occurred since 1952 at an explosion crater on the north side.

The Babuyan group of islands, which include the islands of Calayan, Babuyan, Dalupiri, Balintang and Camiguin, has a mixture of flat to nearly level land, and steep to very steep slopes. These islands have extensive coral reefs. There are three volcanoes in the Babuyan Islands: Mount Didicas off Camiguin island, which has a symmetrical cinder cone, about 215 meters above sea level, and Mount Pangasun in Babuyan island, which is about 840 meters above sea level and has two craters and Babuyan Claro Stratovolcano with Smith Volcano

Beginning of an island....

April 1st, 1969
Three persons killed while fishing near the volcano.
Three persons were swallowed up while fishing near San Vicente, Sta. Ana, Cagayan,
yesterday when Didicas Volcano at Didicas Island erupted, according to reports reaching
the Commission on Volcanology in Manila from the Cagayan PC.

Chief volcanologist at the Commission on Volcanology, said that Didicas Volcano,
which lies 100 km N of Aparri in Cagayan, was a submarine volcano until 1952 when
it erupted and formed an island one mile and a half in diameter and about 800 feet high
above sea level.

January 9th, 1978
Ashfall observed in early January 1978 over the entire island.
Aerial observation conducted over Didicas volcano revealed that the whole volcano island
was covered fresh volcanic ashes, however, no lava extrusion and usual agitation of the sea
water in the immediate vicinity was noticed. Observation also disclosed that the three eruptive
craters of the volcano located in the NNE portion of the island have no steaming activity nor
bubbling activity.





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