Active volcanoes / Aktive vulkaner:
Dubbi, Eritrea   


Dubbi is a tall 1.625m high stratovolcano rising near the coast of the Red Sea.
The volcano is also called Edd, Gebel Dubbey, and Djebel Dubbeh.
There are at least 19 craters near the top of the volcano with the largest being roughly
100 x 50 m. The upper slopes are covered in ash, lapilli, and lava flows.
Some flows extend down to the sea. The lower slopes are rocky.
Dubbi erupted in 1400 and 1861. Eruptions are suspected in 1863 and 1900 but not
confirmed. The 1861 eruption was explosive and also produced lava flows.

Dark-colored lava flows radiate away from the summit of Dubbi volcano in this
Space Shuttle image with the Red Sea at the upper right. The two most recent
eruptions were fed by fissure systems that extend NW-SE and NNE-SSW.
The former produced lava flows that reached the Red Sea in 1400 AD.
Lava flows from the 1861 eruption traveled as far as 22 km to the east
and also reached the coast.
Photo courtesy of National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), 1985.

Dubbi volcano, located in the northeast part of the Afar triangle, erupted explosively in May
1861, showering maritime traffic in the Red Sea with pumice and plunging coastal settlements
into darkness. Earthquakes associated with the opening phase of the eruption were felt in
Yemen, and explosions were heard as far as Massawa, 330 km distant. The eruption caused
damage and 105 fatalities as two villages were destroyed. Large herds of cattle also killed.

More than 100 local inhabitants were reported killed, possibly as a result of pyroclastic flow
emplacement. By October 1861, activity switched to basaltic fire-fountaining focused along
a 4-km-long summit fissure that fed several lava flows that traveled as far as 22 km.
The volume of lava flows alone, 3.5 km³, makes this the largest reported historical eruption
in Africa. An anomalously cold Northern Hemisphere summer in 1862, recorded in tree-ring
records, could be the result of Dubbi's sulfate aerosol veil.

Dubbi has been placed in the country of Eritrea, according to CIA World Fact Book, updated November 2nd, 2004




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