Min familie - My family
så langt jeg kjenner den idag - as far as I know today

and many person around      

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Family Tree

Starting off with my grand-grand-parents, which should total 16 different persons, or 8 pairs. I have choosed to name those from A through Z, thus being able to make different trees for all ancestors.

I do have a lot of material laying around, some few thousand names for the community of VARTEIG, some few hundred for the Raadahl-family and some more, which I will try to present if and when I get time for it.

Now for my family: First the tree, and below a list for my wife's and my own relatives back in history. Click on any of the links (colored letters) in the list below to have more details.

Please E-mail me if you think you have any connection at all to any of those persons mentioned. Would be glad to hear from you.

A       G       J        K    B        L     N        P    E       C       Q     R       S    D       T     U       V
 |____|         |____|      |____|       |____|      |____|____|      |____|     |____|      |____|
              A1               J6             B1           B1H       CE3-8   C1            R1           D1             U2       W
                 |________|                  |________|                        |_______|                |_______|_____|
                          A12                                B12                                  C12                             D11     DW3-6  
           |_________________|                                      |________________|       
            A121                                                                    C122

            |       me and my wife and our four children       |
                     |              |              |              |
                     A1211   A1212   A1213   A1214

F = Father of... M = Mother of...
untill you reach A-Z
Thereafter, numbers indicate child number:
A1211 is A's first child's second child's first child's first child
H = After letter/number = Wife of letter/number
M = After letter/number = Husbond of letter/number

FFFFFFA 1650 Morten?
FFFFFA  1676 Jep Mortensen
FFFFA   1724 Ole Jepsen
MFFFA        Johanne f.Jensdatter
FFFA    1763 Rasmus Olsen
MFFA    1765 Anne Catherine f.Hansdtr
FFA     1790 Jørgen Rasmussen
MFA     1793 Ellen f.Hansdatter
FA      1826 Rasmus Jørgensen
MA      1825 Karen Marie f.Jensen
A       1866 Jens Alfred Aabech
AH/G    1868 Bodil Kirstine
A1      1886 Alexius Alfred Aabech
J        1840 Christian Johansen
FFK      xxxx Scharbau (Kiel) 
FK       1806 Julius Frederich(Friedrich)
                Carl Scharbau (Kiel)
MK       1812 Augusta Charitza
K        1845 Emma Emilie Scharbau
A1H/J8(K)1880 Augusta Emilie Scharbau
A12      1913 Kurt Aabech
A12H/B12 1916 Lykke Mary f.Due
A121     1939 Jørgen Aabech
A121H/C422    1944 Brith, f.Henrichsen

FMFFFFFC Christen Jensen
MMFFFFFC Maren Madsdatter
FFFFFFC  1625 Werner Nilsøn
MFFFFFC  1642 Helvig Christensdatter
FFFFFFC1/6FC1 Niels Werenskjold
7xFC1H       Mathias de Tonsberg
M6xFC1H      Anne Catherine Mecklenburg
6xFC1H       Elisabeth de Tonsberg
6xFC11       Karen
6xFC11M      Hartvig Huitfeldt
FFFFFC 1675 Jens Werenskjold, Brigader
MFFFFC      Margrethe Wernersen
FFFFC  1727 Niels Werenskjold, Ob.ltnt.
MFFFC  1744 Hermana Cathrina Rosing
FFFC   1763 Jens Werenskjold, Major
FFC    1800 Frederick Werenskjold
MFC         Anne Jacobsdatter
FC     1836 Johan Frederichsen
MC     1936 Gunnhild
C(E)   1860 August Hartvig Johansen B.
FQ       1814 Johan Thorstensen Grakrøe
MQ       1814 Grethe Sophie f.Christians
CH/Q   1863 Helene
CXH/CE 1863 Oline
C4     1892 Henrich Johansen
C4H/R(S)1893 Olga
C42    1916 Olav Henry Henrichsen
C42H/D11    1917 Ingrid Signora
A121H/C422  1944 Brith
A121   1939 Jørgen

B           Jens Due
BH/L        Pauline
B1     1894 Christian Due
FN    ~1797 Jon Bjarnason
      ~1807 Sigriður Jònsdòttir
     1853 Salòmon Þorlàkur Jònsson
FFFFFP1685    Jon hrekkur Einarsson
MFFFFP1698    Guðrun Jònsdottir
FFFFP 1737    Bjarni Jònsson
MFFFP 1736    Guðrun Sigfusdottir
FFFP          Ivar Bjarnasson
MMFFP         Sigriður Finnsdottir
MFFP          Þorkatla Jònsdottir
FFP   1790    Hallur Ivarsson
FMFP          Hermann Jònsson
MMFP  1752        Ingibjörg Jònsdottir
MFP           Þora Hermannsdottir
FP            Herman Hall(dòr)sson
MP            Hallfridur Jônsdòttir
P      1853 Maria Thòrunn Hermansd
B1H/N5 1888 Maja(Maria)f.Salomonsdtr
B12/A12H 1916 Lykke Mary
A12      1913 Kurt
A121     1939 Jørgen Aabech
A121H/C422    1944 Brith, f.Henrichsen

D           Johan August Karlsen, f.Sverige
DH/T        Karen Helene Karlsen
D3     1890 Sigurd Hartvig Karlsen
FU       1828 Jens Olsen, Borge

MU       1822 Inger Marie Charlsdatter
U        1853 Johan Jensen
FFFMMMV  1650 Ole Jensen
FFMMMV   1680 Brynild Olsen
MFMMMV   1680 Mari Andersdatter

FMMMV    17xx Peder Brynild Broen
MMMMV    17xx Ingeborg Larsdatter

FMMV     17xx Henrich Syversen
MMMV     17xx Kari Pedersdatter
FMV      17xx Anders Nielsen
MMV      17xx Pernille Henrichsdatter

FV       1822 James Nielsen
MV       18xx Anne Marie Andersdatter

V      1863 Karen Pauline Charlsdatter
D3H/U2 1891 Inga Marie f.Jensen
D31/C42H   1917 Ingrid Signora
C42    1916 Olav Henrichsen
A121H/C422 1944 Brith
A121   1939 Jørgen

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