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Paint by Numbers
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Mal efter nummer, Malen nach Zahlen,
Piendre en suivant les numeros, Pinte por Números,


Paint by number (or painting by numbers) describes kits having a board on which
light blue or gray lines indicate areas to paint, each area having a number and
a corresponding numbered paint to use.

So far, so good, but some more info may be of value.
First of all, age is a question - and it is not.
Two of my grand children have been painting since they were around 10,
and they have done it well with rather difficult paintings.
Of course they started off with a more simple one, like this one:

As you see there are not too many details, but still you have to show patiense.

Some grown ups may have difficulties holding their hand from shivering.
If so, remember that if you paint outside the numbered field you should
be painting, you can always paint over or upon the other field with the
right colour afterwards.

About age... I am now 77 and my wife few years behind, but still
we have no difficulties to finish a painting that we feel looks good.

Perfect? No, but having a lot of fun, and during the long dark months
of October through February, when we have no fun doing work
in the garden, it gives us a lot of pleasure.

One important thing for us, is to find pictures with motives we like.
To us it means NATURE in different forms.

But there are a lot of other themes on the market. Just look at these:

The paintings are found here:

Now, there are a lot of dealers all over the world, offering Paint by Number items.
Some of them are very good at it, and have prices that are more or less
reasonable. However, others are up-to-day- minded and wish to sell as much
as possible at any price. The often have regular sales, where you can get a
picture at half price day after you sent your order. So before ordering from
a dealer, watch his pages on the internet to see how he behave,
and also watch their postage rates and other things.

Don't be to eager first time. Order one (or two) pictures*
and try it out before you start up as a Master Painter.....

Malen nach Zahlen bezeichnet das Ausfüllen eines vorgegebenen Bildes mit Farben.
Das Bild wird durch viele farblose Flächen gebildet. Die Aufgabe für den
künstlerischen Laien besteht im Ausmalen dieser Flächen. Welche Farbe verwendet
werden soll, wird durch eine natürliche Zahl innerhalb einer jeden Fläche angegeben.

Zum Teil ist es so möglich, aus einer Zeichnung mehrere verschiedene Bilder
entstehen zu lassen. Malen nach Zahlen zählte im Bereich der Hobbykunst lange
Zeit zu den beliebtesten Möglichkeiten, sich als Laie in der Malerei zu versuchen.



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