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Collared Dove, Streptopelia decaocto  

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Collared Dove - Tyrkerdue i kveldssol
Photo © Jørgen Scheel

Until about the 1930s, the Collared Dove was only to be found in its original base around India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.
Since then it has spread rapidly through the Middle East and Europe arriving in England in 1955 and in Scotland in 1957.
When the Collared Dove first bred in Britain it received the highest legal protection and in 1963 a boy was fined for shooting
one in East Lothian.

Photo © Jørgen Scheel

Legal protection was removed in 1981 by which time it had passed from being a rarity to being regarded as a pest.
One of the reasons for its remarkable success is that it will attempt to breed throughout the year and so can produce several
broods each year.
Text © Arthur Grosset

Collared Dove - Tyrkerdue
Photo © Jørgen Scheel


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