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Siskin, Carduelis spinus  

En. Siskin, Da. Grønsisken, Du. Sijs, Fi. Vihervarpunen, Fr. Tarin des aulnes, Ge. Erlenzeisig, It. Lucherino, No. Grønnsisik, Sp. Lúgano, Sw. Grönsiska

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Siskin, Carduelis spinus
© Arthur Grosset
This photo shows a male Siskin with his black crown, unstreaked yellowish breast but heavily streaked lower flanks.

© Arthur Grosset
The above photo shows a female Siskin with her grey-green crown, streaked flanks and short, notched tail.
Both sexes have dark wings with a yellow wing-bar and distinctive yellowish edges to the wing feathers.

© Arthur Grosset
The third photo shows a Siskin in a characteristic acrobatic pose as it feeds on an alder which,
along with birch trees, provide a main source of food in the winter.
It breeds, however, in coniferous as well as mixed forest and the re-afforestation

A Siskin (Carduelis spinus) arrived at our feeding place, but didn't feel too well.

Another one in a nearby tree, looked much healthier.

They aren't allways so easy to shoot with a camera. They don't seem to obey orders.....

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