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Flycatchers, Muscicapinae

FAMILY: Muscicapidae

The Old World flycatcher family Muscicapidae is a large family of small passerine birds mostly restricted to the Old World. These are mainly small arboreal insectivores, many of which, as the name implies, take their prey on the wing.

Subfamily Saxicolinae - chats and allies (formerly in Turdidae)
Very large group.
Subfamily Muscicapinae - typical flycatchers
18 generas.

Genus Empidornis
Silverbird, Empidornis semipartitus
Genus Bradornis - 4 species.
Genus Melaenornis - 7 species.
Genus Fraseria - 2 species.
Genus Sigelus
Fiscal Flycatcher, Sigelus silens
Genus Rhinomyias - 11 species.
Genus Muscicapa - 24 species.
Genus Myioparus - 2 species.
Genus Humblotia
Grand Comoro Flycatcher, Humblotia flavirostris
Genus Ficedula - c.30 species (apparently saxicoline, related to Tarsiger).
Genus Cyanoptila - Blue-and-white Flycatcher, Cyanoptila cyanomelana
Genus Eumyias - 5 species.
Genus Niltava - 6 species.
Genus Anthipes - 2 species (considered part of Ficedula but closer to Niltava).
Tickell's Blue Flycatcher Cyornis tickelliae - Male with feed at Ananthagiri Hills, in Rangareddy, Andhra, India
Genus Cyornis - 19 species.
Genus Muscicapella - closely related to 2 species of Ficedula and should be placed in that genus
Pygmy Blue Flycatcher, Muscicapella hodgsoni
Genus Culicicapa - 2 species.
Genus Horizorhinus
Dohrn's Flycatcher, Horizorhinus dohrni

Genus Muscicapa

Muscicapa is a genus of passerine birds belonging to the Old World flycatcher family Muscicapidae, and therein to the
typical flycatchers of subfamily Muscicapinae. They are widespread across Europe, Africa and Asia with most species
occurring in forest and woodland habitats. Several species are migratory, moving south from Europe and northern Asia
for the winter.

They are small birds, 9 to 15 centimetres in length. They have a large head, short tail and a flattened bill, broader at the
base. Their plumage is mostly drab brown or grey and rather plain. Young birds tend to be more spotted or mottled.

Muscicapa flycatchers typically feed on flying insects which are caught by sallying out from an exposed perch.
The nest is usually cup-shaped and built on a tree branch but some African species nest in tree holes.

Engelsk Norsk Latinsk
African Dusky Flycatcher Smussfluesnapper Muscicapa adusta
Swamp Flycatcher Sumpfluesnapper Muscicapa aquatica
Boehm's Flycatcher Flekkfluesnapper Muscicapa boehmi
Ashy Flycatcher Askefluesnapper Muscicapa caerulescens
Cassin's Flycatcher Flomfluesnapper Muscicapa cassini
Dusky-blue Flycatcher Dunkelfluesnapper Muscicapa comitata
Asian Brown Flycatcher Brunfluesnapper Muscicapa dauurica
Little Grey Flycatcher Pygméfluesnapper Muscicapa epulata
Ferruginous Flycatcher Rustfluesnapper Muscicapa ferruginea
Gambaga Flycatcher Akasiefluesnapper Muscicapa gambagae
Grey-streaked Flycatcher Gråstripefluesnapper Muscicapa griseisticta
Sooty Flycatcher Sotfluesnapper Muscicapa infuscata
Chapin's Flycatcher Lendufluesnapper Muscicapa lendu
Brown-breasted Flycatcher Umbrafluesnapper Muscicapa muttui
Olivaceous Flycatcher Olivenfluesnapper Muscicapa olivascens
Ashy-breasted Flycatcher Askebrystfluesnapper Muscicapa randi
Rusty-tailed Flycatcher Rusthalefluesnapper Muscicapa ruficauda
Sumba Brown Flycatcher Sumbabrunfluesnapper Muscicapa segregata
Yellow-footed Flycatcher Gulbeinfluesnapper Muscicapa sethsmithi
Brown-streaked Flycatcher Brunstripefluesnapper Muscicapa siamensis
Dark-sided Flycatcher Gråflankefluesnapper Muscicapa sibirica
Spotted Flycatcher Gråfluesnapper Muscicapa striata
Tessman's Flycatcher Krattfluesnapper Muscicapa tessmanni
Ussher's Flycatcher Koksfluesnapper Muscicapa ussheri

Genus Ficedula

The Ficedula flycatchers are a genus of Old World flycatchers. The genus, Genus Ficedula, is the largest in the family,
containing around thirty species. They have sometimes been included in the genus Muscicapa.
The genus is found in Europe, Asia and Africa. Several species are highly migratory, whereas other species are sedentary.

The flycatchers in the genus Ficedula are typically small with slender bodies and rounded heads.
In many cases they are sexually dimorphic in their plumage, with the males being brightly or strikingly coloured
and the females being duller or drabber.

Engelsk Norsk Latinsk
Taiga Flycatcher Taigafluesnapper Ficedula albicilla
Collared Flycatcher Halsbåndfluesnapper Ficedula albicollis
Little Slaty Flycatcher Skiferfluesnapper Ficedula basilanica
Beijing Flycatcher Mingfluesnapper Ficedula beijingnica
Lompobattang Flycatcher Lompobattangfluesnapper Ficedula bonthaina
Cinnamon-chested Flycatcher Molukkfluesnapper Ficedula buruensis
Russet-tailed Flycatcher Skyggefluesnapper Ficedula crypta
Furtive Flycatcher Luzonfluesnapper Ficedula disposita
Rufous-chested Flycatcher Rødbrystfluesnapper Ficedula dumetoria
Sumba Flycatcher Sumbafluesnapper Ficedula harterti
Damar Flycatcher Damarfluesnapper Ficedula henrici
Slaty-backed Flycatcher Skiferryggfluesnapper Ficedula hodgsonii
Snowy-browed Flycatcher Aurorafluesnapper Ficedula hyperythra
European Pied Flycatcher Svarthvit fluesnapper Ficedula hypoleuca
White-gorgeted Flycatcher Prydfluesnapper Ficedula monileger
Mugimaki Flycatcher Mugimakifluesnapper Ficedula mugimaki
Narcissus Flycatcher Narsissfluesnapper Ficedula narcissina
Black-and-rufous Flycatcher Svarthodefluesnapper Ficedula nigrorufa
Red-breasted (Red-throated) Flycatcher Dvergfluesnapper Ficedula parva
Palawan Flycatcher Palawanfluesnapper Ficedula platenae
Rufous-throated Flycatcher Rødstrupefluesnapper Ficedula rufigula
Sapphire Flycatcher Safirfluesnapper Ficedula sapphira
Semicollared Flycatcher Balkanfluesnapper Ficedula semitorquata
Rufous-browed Flycatcher Kanelfluesnapper Ficedula solitaris
Atlas Flycatcher Atlasfluesnapper Ficedula speculigera
Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher Siratfluesnapper Ficedula strophiata
Kashmir Flycatcher Kashmirfluesnapper Ficedula subrubra
Ultramarine Flycatcher Ultramarinfluesnapper Ficedula superciliaris
Black-banded Flycatcher Båndfluesnapper Ficedula timorensis
Slaty-blue Flycatcher Lazulifluesnapper Ficedula tricolor
Little Pied Flycatcher Hvitbrynfluesnapper Ficedula westermanni
Yellow-rumped Flycatcher Solfluesnapper Ficedula zanthopygia


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