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Coal Tit, Periparus ater  
Da. Sortmejse, Du. Zwarte Mees, Fi. Kuusitiainen, Fr. Mésange noire,
Ge. Tannenmeise, It. Cincia mora, No. Svartmeis, Sp. Carbonero garrapinos, Sw. Svartmes

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Photo: © Dennis Olsen
It is a widespread and common resident breeder throughout Europe, Asia and northern Africa.
It is resident, and most birds do not migrate.

The Coal Tit is 10–11.5 cm in length, and has a distinctive large white nape spot on its black head.

Photo: © Klaus Bjerre   www.kbphoto.dk
A favourite nesting site is a hole in a rotting tree-stump, often low down,
and the nest is deep within the hole; holes in the ground, burrows of mice or rabbits,
chinks between the stones in walls, old nests of magpies or other large birds,
and squirrel dreys are also occupied.
The materials, moss, hair and grass, are closely felted together,
and rabbit fur or feathers added for lining; seven to eleven red spotted white eggs
of the usual tit type are laid, as a rule, in May, but second broods are rare.

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