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Sunbirds, Genus Aethopyga and Nectarinia

Elegant Sunbird, Aethopyga duyvenbodei

Sunbirds, Genus Aethopyga is a genus of birds in the Nectariniidae family. Species in this genus are found in South Asia,
Southeast Asia and parts of China. Many species such as the Grey-hooded Sunbird, Mount Apo Sunbird, Metallic-winged
Sunbird, Handsome Sunbird and Lina's Sunbird are endemic to the Philippines.

The sunbirds are a family, Nectariniidae, of very small passerine birds. There are 132 species in 15 genera. The family is
distributed throughout Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia and just reaches northern Australia. Most sunbirds feed
largely on nectar, but also take insects and spiders, especially when feeding young. Flower tubes that bar access to nectar
because of their shape, are simply punctured at the base near the nectaries. Fruit is also part of the diet of some species.
Their flight is fast and direct on their short wings.

Some sunbird species can take nectar by hovering like a hummingbird, but usually perch to feed.
Sunbird are active diurnal birds that generally occur in pairs or occasionally in small family groups. A few species occasionally
gather in larger groups, and sunbird will join with other birds to mob potential predators, although sunbirds will also aggressively
target other species, even if they are not predators, when defending their territories.

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Genus Aethopyga
Enlish Norsk Latin
Handsome Sunbird Brudesolfugl Aethopyga bella - belli
Mount Apo Sunbird Grønnpannesolfugl Aethopyga boltoni
Fork-tailed Sunbird Gaffelsolfugl Aethopyga christinae
Elegant Sunbird Paradissolfugl Aethopyga duyvenbodei
White-flanked Sunbird Hvitflankesolfugl Aethopyga eximia
Flaming Sunbird Gnistsolfugl Aethopyga flagrans
Gould's Sunbird Purpurkronesolfugl Aethopyga gouldiae
Fire-tailed Sunbird Ildhalesolfugl Aethopyga ignicauda
Lina's Sunbird Beryllpannesolfugl Aethopyga linaraborae
Scarlet Sunbird Javasolfugl Aethopyga mystacalis
Green-tailed Sunbird Grønnhalesolfugl Aethopyga nipalensis
Gray-hooded Sunbird Gråhettesolfugl Aethopyga primigenia
Metallic-winged Sunbird Grønnvingesolfugl Aethopyga pulcherrima
Black-throated Sunbird Svartstrupesolfugl Aethopyga saturata
Lovely Sunbird Prydsolfugl Aethopyga shelleyi
Crimson Sunbird Karminsolfugl Aethopyga siparaja
Temminck’s Sunbird Skarlagensolfugl Aethopyga temminckii
Western Crimson Sunbird Rødsolfugl Aethopyga vigorsii

Genus Nectarinia
Enlish Norsk Latin
Bocage's Sunbird Fiolettsolfugl Nectarinia bocagei
Malachite Sunbird Malakittsolfugl Nectarinia famosa
Red-tufted Sunbird Lobeliasolfugl Nectarinia johnstoni
Bronze Sunbird Bronsesolfugl Nectarinia kilimensis
Purple-breasted Sunbird Regnbuesolfugl Nectarinia purpureiventris
Golden-winged Sunbird, Gullvingesolfugl Nectarinia reichenowi
Drepanorhynchus reichenowi
Tacazze Sunbird Purpurkappesolfugl Nectarinia tacazze
Orange-breasted Sunbird Purpurkappesolfugl Nectarinia violacea
Anthobaphes violacea

Gould's Sunbird, Aethopyga gouldiae

Gould's Sunbird, Aethopyga gouldiae
Photo: Mukesh Jain

Gould's Sunbird, Aethopyga gouldiae, is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal,
Thailand, and Vietnam. Its natural habitats are temperate forests and subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.
In Bhutan it is found between 1,000 and 3,400 metres and we found them mainly in forest with rhododendrons.

The male has a crimson mantle and back with an iridescent deep blue nape, throat and ear-coverts. The wings are
olive-green, the rump is yellow and the tail is blue. The breast and belly is yellow with reddish streaks on the breast.

The female is olive-green with brownish wings and a shorter bill than the male.

The Gould's Sunbiord is also called 'Mrs Gould's Sunbird'. Mrs Gould was the wife of the famous British ornithologist and
artist, John Gould and she helped to illustrate many of his well-known books on birds.

Gould's Sunbird, Aethopyga gouldiae
© Photo: Arthur Grosset

Crimson Sunbird, Aethopyga siparaja

Crimson Sunbird, Aethopyga siparaja, Assam, India.
Photo: Yathin S K

The Crimson Sunbird, Aethopyga siparaja, is a species of bird in the sunbird family which feed largely on nectar,
although they will also take insects, especially when feeding young. Flight is fast and direct on their short wings.
Most species can take nectar by hovering like a hummingbird, but usually perch to feed most of the time.

Crimson Sunbird is a resident breeder in tropical southern Asia from India to Indonesia and the Philippines.
Two eggs or three eggs are laid in a suspended nest in a tree. This species is found in forest and cultivation.

Crimson Sunbirds are tiny, only 11cm long. They have medium-length thin down-curved bills and brush-tipped tubular
tongues, both adaptations to their nectar feeding.

Crimson Sunbird, Aethopyga siparaja
Photo: Ravi Vaidyanathan

The adult male has a crimson breast and maroon back. The rump is yellow and the belly is olive.
The female has an olive-green back, yellowish breast and white tips to the outer tail feathers.

In most of the range, males have a long green-blue tail, but A.s. nicobarica of the Nicobar Islands and the former
subspecies Western Crimson Sunbird, Aethopyga vigorsii of the Western Ghats of India lack the long central tail
feathers. The call is chee-cheewee.

The Crimson Sunbird is the national bird of Singapore.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimson_Sunbird


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