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True owl or Typical owl (family Strigidae) are one of the two generally accepted families of Owls,
the other being the barn owls, Tytonidae
This large family comprises around 189 living species in 25 genera. The typical owls have a cosmopolitan distribution and
are found on every continent except Antarctica.

One of those generas are the Bubo
see list at bottom for all generas.

Engelsk Norsk Latinsk
Spotted Eagle-Owl Flekkhubro Bubo africanus
Pharaoh Eagle-Owl Ørkenhubro Bubo ascalaphus
Rock Eagle-Owl Bengalhubro Bubo bengalensis
Eurasian Eagle-Owl Hubro Bubo bubo
Cape (Mackinder's) Eagle-Owl Kopjehubro Bubo capensis
Greyish Eagle-Owl Sahelhubro Bubo cinerascens
Dusky Eagle-Owl Braminhubro Bubo coromandus
Verreaux's (Milky) Eagle-Owl Gråhubro Bubo lacteus
Akun Eagle-Owl Billehubro Bubo leucostictus
Magellanic Horned Owl Chilehubro Bubo magellanicus
Spot-bellied Eagle-Owl Skoghubro Bubo nipalensis
Philippine Eagle-Owl Rusthubro Bubo philippensis
Fraser's Eagle-Owl Småhubro Bubo poensis
Snowy Owl Snøugle Bubo scandiacus
Shelley's Eagle-Owl Herkuleshubro Bubo shelleyi
Barred Eagle-Owl Malayhubro Bubo sumatranus
Great Horned Owl Amerikahubro Bubo virginianus
Usambara Eagle-Owl Usambarahubro Bubo vosseleri

The nearly 200 extant species are assigned to a number of genera, which are in taxonomic order:

Genus Megascops: screech-owls, some 20 species
Genus Otus: scops-owls; probably paraphyletic, about 45 species se her
Genus Pyrroglaux - Palau Owl
Genus Gymnoglaux - Bare-legged Owl or Cuban Screech-owl
Genus Ptilopsis - white-faced owls, 2 species
Genus Mimizuku - Giant Scops-owl or Mindanao Eagle-owl
Genus Bubo - horned owls, eagle-owls and fish-owls;
          paraphyletic with Nyctea, Ketupa and Scotopelia, some 25 species
Genus Strix - earless owls, some 15 species (lappugle, slagugle,kattugle)
Genus Ciccaba - 4 species
Genus Lophostrix - Crested Owl
Genus Jubula - Maned Owl
Genus Pulsatrix - spectacled owls, 3 species
Genus Surnia - Northern Hawk-Owl (tegn)
Genus Glaucidium - pygmy owls, about 30-35 species (spurveugle, tegn)
Genus Xenoglaux - Long-whiskered Owlet
Genus Micrathene - Elf Owl
Genus Athene - 2-4 species (kirkeugle, tegn)
           (depending on whether Speotyto and Heteroglaux are included or not)
Genus Aegolius - saw-whet owls, 4 species
Genus Ninox - Australasian hawk-owls, some 20 species
Genus Uroglaux - Papuan Hawk-owl
Genus Pseudoscops - Jamaican Owl and possibly Striped Owl
Genus Asio - eared owls, 6-7 species (Hornugle, Jordugle tegn)
Genus Nesasio - Fearful Owl

Aegolius is a small genus of owls. Three of the species are restricted to the New World, but th Boreal Owl has
a circumpolar range through North America, Eurasia, the Alps and the Rockies.

The species are:
Boreal Owl or Tegmalm's Owl, Aegolius funereus, No: Perleugle
Northern Saw-whet Owl, Aegolius acadicus
Unspotted Saw-whet Owl, Aegolius ridgwayi
Buff-fronted Owl, Aegolius harrisii


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