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Songbirds, Passeri

Order: Passeriformes

Worldwide; 5000 species.

Superorder: Neonaves
Suborder: Passeri

A songbird is a bird belonging to the suborder Passeri of the perching birds, order Passeriformes.
Another name that is sometimes seen as scientific or vernacular name is Oscines, from Latin oscen, "a songbird".
This group contains some 4,000 species found all over the world, in which the vocal organ typically is developed
in such a way as to produce a diverse and elaborate bird song.

Songbirds form one of the two major lineages of extant perching birds, the other being the Tyranni which are most
diverse in the Neotropics and absent from many parts of the world. These have a simpler syrinx musculature,
and while their vocalizations are often just as complex and striking as those of songbirds, they are altogether more mechanical sounding. There is a third perching bird lineage, the Acanthisitti "living fossils" from New Zealand,
of which only two species remain alive today.

Suborder: Acanthisitti
Acanthisittidae: New Zealand wrens

Tyranni: suboscines
Eurylaimidae: broadbills
Philepittidae: asities
Pittidae: pittas
Hooded Pitta, Pitta sordida
Ivory-breasted Pitta, Pitta maxima
Superb Pitta, Pitta superba
Azure-breasted Pitta, Pitta steerii
Sula Pitta, Pitta dohertyi
African Pitta, Pitta angolensis
Green-breasted Pitta, Pitta reichenowi
Indian Pitta, Pitta brachyura
Fairy Pitta, Pitta nympha
Blue-winged Pitta, Pitta moluccensis
Mangrove Pitta, Pitta megarhyncha
Elegant Pitta, Pitta elegans
Noisy Pitta, Pitta versicolor
Black-faced Pitta, Pitta anerythra
Rainbow Pitta, Pitta iris
------------end Pittidae
Sapayoidae: Sapayoa
Tyrannidae: tyrant flycatchers
Tityridae: becards and tityras
Furnariidae: ovenbirds
Thamnophilidae: antbirds
Formicariidae: ground antbirds and tapaculos
Conopophagidae: gnateaters
Cotingidae: cotingas
Pipridae: manakins
Melanopareiidae: crescent-chests

Passeri: oscines

Atrichornithidae: scrub-birds
Menuridae: lyrebirds
Alaudidae: larks
Hirundinidae: swallows and martins
Motacillidae: wagtails and pipits
Campephagidae: cuckoo-shrikes
Eupetidae: Rail-Babbler
Pycnonotidae: bulbuls
Regulidae: kinglets
Hyliotidae: hyliotas
Chloropseidae: leafbirds
Aegithinidae: ioras
Ptilogonatidae: silky-flycatchers
Bombycillidae: waxwings
Hypocoliidae: Hypocolius
Dulidae: Palmchat
Cinclidae: dippers
Troglodytidae: wrens
Donacobiidae: Donacobius
Mimidae: mockingbirds and thrashers
Prunellidae: accentors
Turdidae: thrushes and relatives
Cisticolidae: cisticolas and relatives
Sylviidae: true warblers
Stenostiridae: fairy warblers
Macrosphenidae: african warblers
Cettiidae: bush warblers
Phylloscopidae: leaf warblers
Megaluridae: grass warblers
Acrocephalidae: marsh warblers
Bernieridae: malagasy warblers
Pnoepygidae: pygmy wren-babblers
Polioptilidae: gnatcatchers
Muscicapidae: flycatchers and relatives
Platysteiridae: wattle-eyes and batises
Petroicidae: Australasian robins
Pachycephalidae: whistlers and relatives
Colluricinclidae: shrike-thrushes and relatives
Picathartidae: rockfowl
Chaetopidae: rock-jumpers
Timaliidae: babblers and relatives
Panuridae: Bearded Reedling
Nicatoridae: nicators
Pomatostomidae: australasian babblers
Orthonychidae: logrunners
Cinclosomatidae: whipbirds and quail-thrushes
Aegithalidae: bushtits
Maluridae: australasian wrens
Neosittidae: sittellas
Climacteridae: Australasian treecreepers
Paridae: chickadees and true tits
Sittidae: nuthatches
Tichodromidae: Wallcreeper
Certhiidae: treecreepers
Rhabdornithidae: Philippine creepers
Remizidae: penduline tits
Nectariniidae: sunbirds
Genus Aethopyga
Genus Nextarinia
Genus Anthreptes:
Plain-backed Sunbird, Anthreptes reichenowi
Anchieta's Sunbird, Anthreptes anchietae
Plain Sunbird, Anthreptes simplex
Brown-throated Sunbird, Anthreptes malacensis
Grey-throated Sunbird, Anthreptes griseigularis
Red-throated Sunbird, Anthreptes rhodolaemus
Mouse-brown Sunbird, Anthreptes gabonicus
Western Violet-backed Sunbird, Anthreptes longuemarei
Eastern Violet-backed Sunbird, Anthreptes orientalis
Uluguru Violet-backed Sunbird, Anthreptes neglectus
Violet-tailed Sunbird, Anthreptes aurantium
Green Sunbird, Anthreptes rectirostris
Banded Sunbird, Anthreptes rubritorques
Ruby-cheeked Sunbird, Anthreptes singalensis
The Little Green Sunbird (Nectarinia seimundi) is sometimes placed herein too, as are the genera Chalcoparia, Deleornis and Hedydipna.
.........end Nectariniidae

Melanocharitidae: berrypeckers
Paramythiidae: painted berrypeckers
Dicaeidae: flowerpeckers
Dasyornithidae: bristlebirds
Pardalotidae: pardalotes
Acanthizidae: australasian warblers
Zosteropidae: white-eyes
Promeropidae: sugarbirds see here
Meliphagidae: honeyeaters and relatives
Notiomystidae: Stitchbird
Oriolidae: Old World orioles
Irenidae: fairy-bluebirds
Laniidae: shrikes
Malaconotidae: bushshrikes and relatives
Prionopidae: helmetshrikes and relatives
Vangidae: vangas
Dicruridae: drongos
Rhipiduridae: fantails
Monarchidae: monarch flycatchers
Callaeidae: wattlebirds
Corcoracidae: mudnesters
Artamidae: woodswallows and butcherbirds
Pityriaseidae: bristlehead
Paradisaeidae: birds-of-paradise
Cnemophilidae: satinbirds
Ptilonorhynchidae: bowerbirds
Corvidae: jays and crows
Sturnidae: starlings and mynas
Buphagidae: oxpeckers
Passeridae: Old World sparrows
Ploceidae: weavers and relatives see here
Estrildidae: weaver finches
Viduidae: whydahs and indigobirds
Vireonidae: vireos and relatives
Fringillidae: finches and relatives
Urocynchramidae: Pink-tailed Bunting
Peucedramidae: Olive Warbler
Parulidae: wood warblers
Coerebidae: Bananaquit
Thraupidae: tanagers and relatives
Emberizidae: Old World buntings and New World sparrows
Cardinalidae: cardinals, grosbeaks, and New World buntings
Icteridae: New World blackbirds and New World orioles


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