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Little Blue Penguin / Fairy penguin, Eudyptula minor    

Little Blue Penguin   Dværgpingvin      Manchot Pygmee Zwergpinguin
  Dvergpingvin  Pinguino Enano

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The Fairy Penguin is the smallest of all penguins. These penguins weigh approximately 2-4 pounds and stand about 10-12 inches tall. The Fairy Penguin lives and breeds only in southern Australia and New Zealand. The female almost always lays two eggs. Both the Fairy parents share the responsibility of protecting the eggs. The eggs will hatch after approximately 36 days.


Upon hatching, the chicks are helpless and need round the clock care for about 2-3 weeks. After this period the chicks will be left
unattended at the nest during the day. After 8 weeks the chicks will be full grown and leave their nest to go to sea.

Little penguins in front of nest burrow, Otago Peninsula, NZ
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ARKive video - Little penguin - reproduction overview
Little penguin - reproduction overview

Breeding area for the Fairy Penguin


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