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Jackdaw, Kaie, Cygnus cygnus   kommer

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Jackdaw (Corvus monedula)

The Jackdaw is found throughout most of Europe and into central Asia as far as the Himalayas.
It tolerates a wide variety of habitats but requires nesting holes which would originally have been in trees but are now found in rock ledges and buildings. A further requirement is that there are lots of available nesting sites in one place because the Jackdaw is very gregarious.

This particular requirement was well in evidence on the Morisini Aqueduct near Knossus in Crete where I took the first 2 photos.
It is dark grey rather than black with a lighter grey on the nape and the sides of the head. The eye is white and the bill is more slender than most other members of the crow family

It is often found in flocks along with Rooks
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