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Munk, Blackcap, Sylvia atricapilla

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Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla)
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The Blackcap breeds throughout most of Europe and into North Africa and western Siberia. During the winter birds from the north and east of Europe move south, many as far as sub-Saharan Africa. Some continental birds, however, winter in Britain and these photos were taken in Edinburgh during the winter.

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It breeds in woodland but requires shrubby undergrowth for nesting.
The male, seen in the first two photos is dark olive-grey above and light olive-grey below and it has a small black cap. The female and juveniles look similar but have a brownish cap as can be seen in photos 3 and 4.

It feeds on insects during the breeding season when it picks its prey off leaves and twigs in the tree canopy. At other times it feeds on fruit and seeds. The birds that overwinter in my garden eat sunflower seed

Here is a little fellow that made us happy. Its voice was so beautiful. Even his wife visited us,
but she was so busy that it did could not wait for me to get my camera in positionl.
It has a nice latin name: Sylvia atricapilla, even as I think the male ought to have a more
non-female name....Mr. Blackcap
La Gomera, 2005.


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