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Leaf Warblers - Phylloscopidae

Leaf-warblers are small insectivorous birds belonging mainly to the genus Phylloscopus. They were formerly included in the Old World warbler family but are now considered to belong to the Phylloscopidae, a family created in 2006. The genus is closely related to Seicercus and some species have been moved between the two genera in recent classification attempts. Leaf-warblers are active, constantly moving, often flicking their wings as they glean the foliage for insects along the branches of trees and bushes. They forage at various levels within forests, from the top canopy to the understorey. Most of the species are markedly territorial both in their summer and winter quarters.

Most are greenish or brownish above and off-white or yellowish below. Compared to some other "warblers", their songs are very simple

Species breeding in temperate regions are usually strongly migratory.

The species traditionally placed in Phylloscopus are:
Red-faced Woodland-warbler, Phylloscopus laetus
Laura's Woodland-warbler, Phylloscopus laurae
Yellow-throated Woodland-warbler, Phylloscopus ruficapilla
Uganda Woodland-warbler, Phylloscopus budongoensis
Brown Woodland-warbler, Phylloscopus umbrovirens
Black-capped Woodland-warbler, Phylloscopus herberti
Willow Warbler, Phylloscopus trochilus
Canary Islands Chiffchaff, Phylloscopus canariensis
    Eastern Canary Islands Chiffchaff, Phylloscopus canariensis exsul (extinct: 1986?)
   Western Canary Islands Chiffchaff, Phylloscopus canariensis canariensis
Common Chiffchaff, Phylloscopus collybita
   Siberian Chiffchaff, Phylloscopus (collybita) tristis
Iberian Chiffchaff, Phylloscopus brehmii
Mountain Chiffchaff, Phylloscopus sindianus
Plain Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus neglectus
Western Bonelli's Warbler, Phylloscopus bonelli
Eastern Bonelli's Warbler, Phylloscopus orientalis
Wood Warbler, Phylloscopus sibilatrix
Dusky Warbler, Phylloscopus fuscatus
Smoky Warbler, Phylloscopus fuligiventer
Tickell's Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus affinis
Buff-throated Warbler, Phylloscopus subaffinis
Sulphur-bellied Warbler, Phylloscopus griseolus
Yellow-streaked Warbler, Phylloscopus armandii
Radde's Warbler, Phylloscopus schwarzi
Buff-barred Warbler, Phylloscopus pulcher
Ashy-throated Warbler, Phylloscopus maculipennis
Pallas's Warbler, Phylloscopus proregulus
Pale-rumped Warbler or Lemon-rumped Warbler, Phylloscopus chloronotus
    Simla Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus (chloronotus) simlaensis
Gansu Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus kansuensis
Chinese Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus yunnanensis – P. sichuanensis is a junior synonym
Brooks' Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus subviridis
Yellow-browed Warbler, Phylloscopus inornatus
(Western) Hume's Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus humei – formerly in P. inornatus
   Mandell's Leaf-warbler or Eastern Hume's Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus (humei) mandelli
Arctic Warbler, Phylloscopus borealis
   Kamchatka Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus (borealis) examinandus[1]
   Japanese Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus (borealis) xanthodryas[1]

Greenish Warbler, Phylloscopus trochiloides
    Dull-green Warbler, Phylloscopus (trochiloides) obscuratus
   Two-barred Warbler, Phylloscopus (trochiloides) plumbeitarsus
   Western Greenish Warbler, Phylloscopus (trochiloides) viridanus
   Green Warbler or Bright-green Warbler, Phylloscopus (trochiloides) nitidus

Pale-legged Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus tenellipes
Sakhalin Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus borealoides
Large-billed Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus magnirostris
Tytler's Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus tytleri
Western Crowned Warbler, Phylloscopus occipitalis
Eastern Crowned Warbler, Phylloscopus coronatus
Izu Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus ijimae
Blyth's Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus reguloides
Hainan Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus hainanus
Emei Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus emeiensis
Davison's Leaf-warbler or White-tailed Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus davisoni
Yellow-vented Warbler, Phylloscopus cantator
Limestone Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus calciatilis
Sulphur-breasted Warbler, Phylloscopus ricketti
Lemon-throated Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus cebuensis
Mountain Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus trivirgatus
Sulawesi Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus sarasinorum
Timor Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus presbytes
Island Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus poliocephalus
Philippine Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus olivaceus
Makira Leaf-warbler or San Cristobal Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus makirensis
Sombre Leaf-warbler or Kulambangra Leaf-warbler, Phylloscopus amoenus

Engelsk Norsk Latinsk
Sakhalin Leaf-Warbler Ainosanger Phylloscopus borealoides
Mountain Leaf-Warbler Bergsanger Phylloscopus trivirgatus
Hume's Warbler Blekbrynsanger Phylloscopus humei
Pale-rumped Warbler Blekgumpsanger Phylloscopus chloronotus
White-tailed Leaf-Warbler Brokhalesanger Phylloscopus davisoni
Dusky Warbler Brunsanger Phylloscopus fuscatus
Uganda Wood-Warbler Budongosanger Phylloscopus budongoensis
Yellow-vented Warbler Burmasanger Phylloscopus cantator
Wood Warbler Bøksanger tegn Phylloscopus sibilatrix
Western Bonelli's Warbler Eikesanger Phylloscopus bonelli
Emei Warbler Emeisanger Phylloscopus emeiensis
Philippine Leaf-Warbler Filippinersanger Phylloscopus olivaceus
Mountain Chiffchaff Fjellgransanger Phylloscopus sindianus
Lemon-rumped Warbler (Pallasís Warbler) Fuglekongesanger Phylloscopus proregulus
Eastern Bonelli's Warbler Furusanger Phylloscopus orientalis
Gansu Leaf-Warbler Gansusanger Phylloscopus kansuensis
Large-billed Leaf-Warbler Glennesanger Phylloscopus magnirostris
Common Chiffchaff Gransanger Phylloscopus collybita
Ashy-throated Warbler Gråstrupesanger Phylloscopus maculipennis
Yellow-browed Warbler Gulbrynsanger Phylloscopus inornatus
Blyth's Leaf-Warbler Gulbåndsanger Phylloscopus reguloides
Yellow-streaked Warbler Gulstreksanger Phylloscopus armandii
Yellow-throated Wood-Warbler Gulstrupesanger Phylloscopus ruficapilla
Hainan Leaf-Warbler Hainansanger Phylloscopus hainanus
Brooks' Leaf-Warbler Hindukushsanger Phylloscopus subviridis
Iberian Chiffchaff Iberiagransanger Phylloscopus ibericus
Ijima's Leaf-Warbler Izusanger Phylloscopus ijimae
Canary Islands Chiffchaff Kanarigransanger Phylloscopus canariensis
Tytler's Leaf-Warbler Kasjmirsanger Phylloscopus tytleri
Kulambangra Leaf-Warbler Kulambangrasanger Phylloscopus amoenus
Arctic Warbler Lappsanger Phylloscopus borealis
Buff-throated Warbler Lisanger Phylloscopus subaffinis
Willow Warbler Løvsanger tegn Phylloscopus trochilus
Chinese Leaf-Warbler Mandarinsanger Phylloscopus yunnanensis
Island Leaf-Warbler Papuasanger Phylloscopus poliocephalus
Plain Leaf-Warbler Persersanger Phylloscopus neglectus
Buff-barred Warbler Rododendronsanger Phylloscopus pulcher
San Cristobal Leaf-Warbler Sancristobalsanger Phylloscopus makirensis
Laura's Wood-Warbler Shabasanger Phylloscopus laurae
Sichuan Leaf-Warbler Sichuansanger Phylloscopus forresti
Lemon-throated Warbler Sitronstrupesanger Phylloscopus cebuensis
Tickell's Leaf-Warbler Skrentsanger Phylloscopus affinis
Smoky Warbler Sotsanger Phylloscopus fuligiventer
Sulphur-bellied Warbler Steinsanger Phylloscopus griseolus
Sulawesi Leaf-Warbler Sulawesisanger Phylloscopus sarasinorum
Black-capped Woodland-Warbler Svartkronesanger Phylloscopus herberti
Sulphur-breasted Warbler Svovelsanger Phylloscopus ricketti
Timor Leaf-Warbler Timorsanger Phylloscopus presbytes
Red-faced Woodland-Warbler Tutsisanger Phylloscopus laetus
Brown Woodland-Warbler Umbrasanger Phylloscopus umbrovirens
Pale-legged Leaf-Warbler Ussurisanger Phylloscopus tenellipes
Western Crowned-Warbler Vestkronsanger Phylloscopus occipitalis
Radde's Warbler Viersanger Phylloscopus schwarzi
Eastern Crowned-Warbler Østkronsanger Phylloscopus coronatus
Greenish Warbler Østsanger tegn Phylloscopus trochiloides


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