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House Martin, Taksvale, Delichon urbicum 
also Delichon urbicum
but on Google you find 109.000 pages with urbica, only 42.700 with urbicum....
UK: House Martin DE: Mehlschwalbe FR: Hirondelle de fenetre ES: Avión Común CZ: jiricka obecná DK: Bysvale
NL: Huiszwaluw PL: Oknówka IT: Balestruccio FI: Räystäspääsky HU: Molnárfecske SE: Hussvala
NO: Taksvale TR: ev kyrlangycy SK: belorítka obycajná PT: Andorinha-dos-beirais LV: Curkste EE: Räästapääsuke

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House Martin (Delichon urbica)

The House Martin breeds throughout most of Europe and the Mediterranean coast of north Africa as well as across
central and northern Asia. They migrate to Africa in the winter but are one of the later migrants to leave (around October)
and one of the earliest to return (around April).

Their nest is a half cup of mud pellets, feathers and other light material built against a vertical surface and with an overhang
to shelter the nest. In nature this is built on cliffs but they are normally seen on buildings usually under the eaves of the roof
and often with several nests built alongside each other. They hunt for insects in the air.

They have a pure white rump which contrasts with the black upperparts and dark metallic blue crown and mantle.
Underparts are white and the black tail is short and slightly forked.
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