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This also is Lake Hornborga  
Or a tribute to the One who created our Planet Earth

 Page 1: Flowering Trees at Lake Hornborga
           What you can find around the lake in a day in May
 Page 2: The Flowers
           at least some of them....
 Page 3: More Nature
           The Trees around the Lake
 Page 4: Even More Nature
           Animals, insects and birds (of course)
 Page 5: In the Twilight hours
          or When you come to the End of the Day
Our pages about the CRANES at Lake Hornborga

O JEHOVA! Quam ampla funt opera Tua!
Quam ea omnia sapienter fecisti !
Quam plena est terra possessione tua!
Psalm.CIV 24
From the Title Page of  'SYSTEMA NATURÆ', 1735 edition
by Carl von Linné   

Lake Hornborga 2005
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Swans at Lake Hornborga  Svaner ved Hb-sjön
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Cranes - Gruidae - Traner - Gruidae

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