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Arbol del Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico  

If you don't know what Arbol del Tule is, you may look at this picture:

Well, I agree - it's not easy. Looks to me like a mountainside, with a huge snowcovered
top way up there....

But you're wrong if you think that. It's something else. Something that you won't see
any other place on this planet, because this one is the biggest and oldest of them all.

It is a Taxodium mucionatum !

And so, as you now know exactly what it is - then, what is it?

It is more than two thousand (2.000) years old, it is about 40 m high, and
the bottom of it, as shown on the picture above, is about 42 m wide.
It has a volume of 705 cubic meters and an approximated weight of 509 020 kilograms.

In order to have an idea of its size, it is enough to say that in its shade
there can be sheltered more than 500 people and it takes about 30 individuals,
hand to hand, to hold around it at ground-level:

Location: Santa Maria the Tule: That is to the east of the City
of Oaxaca, apprx. 13 kilometers (8 miles) by Federal Highway 190.
By the way, you have to walk 54 meters to get around it... and there are actually
8 of those great ahuehuetes (Taxodium mucronatum), but the Arbol del Tule is the largest.

and here it is:

A little too big for our garden...., how about yours?

Yes, some times pictures do say more than words....

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