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Møns Klint, Denmark

and that's only the beginning....

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Some thousand years ago when the millions of shellfish that lived in the sea died
and formed one layer after the other of chalk on the sea bed, then this chalk stratum began to grow.

The weather thus began to get colder and the Ice Age came. It is possible that gigantic glaciers moved southwards
while it pushed the sea bed in front of it causing the chalk strata to dislodge and Møns Klint was born.
And for the last 4-5000 years the ocean and the weather has shaped this beautiful chalk cliff!

Møns Klint is 8 kilometres long and is as its highest 128 meters.

There is a good chance of finding fossils such as belemnites - spine from the octopus and sea urchins on the beach.
When the conditions is right you might even find amber or round, rattling flint stones derived by embedded
fossilised halicondria, especially after winter storms.

 Springtime at Moens Klint in Denmark 2003


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