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We knew there were deer around here, but it took some weeks before we could see them alive.

Vi visste at det var rådyr rundt omkring her, men det tok noen uker før vi fikk se dem selv.

We hope they won't be the only ones....

Vi håper de ikke blir de eneste

A light summer-evening about 9 o'clock

En lys sommerkveld ved 9-tiden

But also late in the autumn...

Men også sent om høsten...

Looks like we don't have to go so very far away to see rare animals...(door out to our garden)

Vi behøver visst ikke å gå så langt for å se sjeldne dyr..(døren ut til hagen).



02.06.2007 - Not so easy to get much closer

During winter 2012 we had a fox coming around...

One day, opening the door to our inner room in the garage,
something strange showed up...

We had to turn on the light to see what visited us...

Much easier to see now, and to identify....

a reel badger, and it must have been there for some days.
However, he wasn't too welcome, so he had to leave in a hurry.
April 2015.


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