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Natur II

Oct.10th, 2006.
On a windy day, we went uphill at Lifjell from the upper parkinglot.
First stop on a small top at 928 m asl. called Bökstulnatten.

That top is now to the left on this picture, taken a little further up the hill.

Even at this time of the year, near middle of October, the autumncolours are absent.

As this was our first attempt to find out more about this area -
we found it was enough for that day.
It wasn't just as easy all the way.

However, about two weeks earlier, we made a trip to the other side of Lifjell.
Up the Årmotdalen (Valley of Aarmot) to Gavelsjå, a lake at 671 m asl.

A very nice an peaceful place... We will come back.

Out next expedition in August 2007.
This picture shows the path up from the big parking lot, and as you see, it as a quite popular track.

However, the farther you go into the mountains, the fewer the people.
Here from the track up to the top Öysteinnatten, at 1174 m above sea level (asl).
Down in the valley below, you can see the road leading up to Gavelsjå.

Up from there, you have a wonderful sight in all directions.

Walking further, we could sight the Gavelsjå - the lake in the center.

Walking towards Sandsea, we pass several smaller mountain-lakes.

Sandsea, or Sandtjønn, 973m asl, has a beautiful beach on its Sourteastern end,
and the water is cool.....

We were back again up in the mountains,
late September 2008, and this year the colouring of the mountain was marvellous.

It has been a warm autumn, even as it is said to have been below 0 degrees up here.
However, this little fellow was still active, warming up in the sun.

Others were, too. Can you find it?

There are four of them, on this picture..

...then only three on this one...

I think there is only two this time.. no - there are three!

Now, there are four here, of the seven we saw alltogether.

and before they flew away, we got 6 ( think) of the 7 in one picture.

We could not have chosen a better day for climbing that late in September.
In the background you can see the lake where we live on its right side.
This is from the top of Gleksefjell, at 1121m asl.

A wonderful sight in all directions.

Then down again to Sandsea, an hour away from here,
where we jumped into the water, but got quicky up again......

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