Our Beautiful World

When we arrived - and where we live

A small place our in the filed, near the village of Ulefoss in Telemark, Norway.

As shown on the main-page, we arrived in February.
And no sooner had we moved in, and the snow came down.
This is part of our garden, with a small hut for the children that used to live here.

As you see, the trees have certain problems bearing the weight of the snow.

At the same time, electricity disapperared for the next two days,
and as our water came from an electric punp,
we had to melt snow to have a cup of coffee....

Luckily we had a carport for our car, so we could find it when we wanted to go out.

We even found the mailbox so we could catch up the the bills...

After three days without water and electricity,
the weather improved, and we could watch the sunrise.

and even the sunset...

and the far away mountains, called Lifjell


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