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Dow Gardens, Midland, Nichigan, USA

Welcome to a walk in Dow Gardens, says the brochure you
receive at the entrance of this beautiful park in Michigan.

The frist tree was planted as long back as 1899, more than a
hundred years ago, and since then thousands of visitors
from all over the world have enjoyed this site of natural beauty.

On these pages here you will be able to enjoy the look
of some of the flowers found here. Take your time,
click on pictures to view them in large size,
relax - and enjoy!
we are working on the names - english and latin - please be patient! (July 3rd, 2003)



and while you are there, don't forget to look up, too:
or find the small chickens in the Orchid-house. They're from Australia,
but you also find them in Indonesia and China as well.
They are called several names: The Chinese Painted Quail, The Buttom Quail or the King Quail.
The bird to the left, however, is the Northern Cardinal, a common bird in Michigan.
But use your eyes, there are a lot more birdies in this garden!

Dow Gardens: http://www.dowgardens.org

for more flowers on this site, please click here:


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