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Just another winterday - or...?  

Let's see what nature has to offer now, November 2004

It's only about 3 PM, but the sun is already low.

Who said there were no flowers at this time?

It just happened the day after the snow came.....

....then an extra cold night - and there they were....

They are there by the thousands....

but if you touch them, they are gone. Forever.

Believe it or not, but these flowers are absolutely FREE!

Color playground....

Some of them are just like diamonds in the sun...

Even on branches of other trees, they are flowering...

and sometimes it helps giving an extra touch of color.

The last sundrays coloring the bottom of the wood.

At last another unforgetable day has come to an end.

Approxemately 14 years after the pictures above were taken by me,
I received the following 7 pictures from my granddaughter, Linn.
They are taken somewhere in Troms province in Northern Norway in October 2016.

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