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Just an Ordinary Day in December?  
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When you wake up in the morning and it looks to be a fine day....

....when the sun is coloring the sky so it is hard to believe...

...and you follow the scenery while having your breakfast...

...then the best thing you can do that day, is to get off to some waterfront, and enjoy nature.

The days in December in Norway are very short. Down south where we live, the sunrise is
about 09:00 and sunset about 15:00. So when you wish to do some outdoor activity,
you don't have too much time. Further up north, you don't have time at all....

Out here by the sea, we have time to relax and enjoy the quietness of nature.

What really amazed us, was the colors of the sky that day.....

.....somehow it kept the colors of the sunrise all day long (short?).

No more comments.....

But the day is not over yet, it is still just past noon
when those last pictures were taken

Why not join us, and enjoy the rest of the daylight - click here to go on.

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