AC15Z All countries in Zone 15, 23 countries or call areas in CQ Zone 15.
ADXA Asian DX Awards, 30 countries in Asia including Japan
ADXC Alaska DX Certificate, 10 stns, 4 mbrs of AARC + 1 stn north of Arctic Circle,
1 Central Alaska, 1 East of 141·W and 1 stn from Aleutian Islands.
DLD Die Deutchland Diplome, QSO with 100 DOKs on 3,5 MHz
DUF3:4 DUF 3: QSO 10 'french' stations in 5 continents.
DUF 4: QSO 20 'french' countries in 6 continens
OHA 50 OH stations incl. one from each of eight call areas on one band,
and at least one from each call area on any other band.
R6K All 6 continents incl. 3 from Eu-Russia and 3 from Asian Russia
S6S:14 Worked all 6 continents on 14 Mcs (from OK)
W100OK Worked 100 OK stns.
WAE III 40 countries in Europe, 100 points (one point per country/band)
WAE TOP All 72 countries, 300 points (one point per country/band)
WAGM 20 different stations in Scotland
WAVE Worked all VE, QSO with two diff. stns on two diff. bands from all 8 areas.
ZMT Worked 39 call-areas in former Eastern Europe, incl. districts in both DDR,
Romania and Yugoslavia.