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Contests - 10 years later....

Or: Is This really Good Sportsmanship?

Came to think of it the other day...
Just like anything else, also the speed of contacts during a contest
has to be about the utmost of what is possible.
Not that the CW-speed is high, it is good work if you can also receive it that fast.
But how about what to be exchanged?
In some contest, your report and your zone.
OK, lets say you hear ZL2ABC on 40 m at your QTH somewhere in Europe.
Condx are not too bad this morning, but heavy QRM from european stations.
So what? You give him a call, and you believe he replies to you.
So you send him a report, and register him in your log.
ZL2ABC on 40 m at xxxx UTC, 599 and his zone you find on the world map : Zone 32.
A little later you hear a '2ab' stn very weak on 80 m.
You give him some calls, and believe he replies to you.

So you put in ZL2ABC on 80 m at xxxx UTC, and of course, zone 32. (You know that now).
The report exchanged is as usually 599, so whatever he sent, you're quite sure it was 599.
Now suggest the '2AB' stations does the same. He recalls an earlier QSO on 40m,
and put down your callsign, and of course a 599 and a proper zone for your country.

Are things getting too easy nowadays?

Recently there was a contest where you should send the callsign of your previous
QSO together with your report and your name.
I am sure at least 20 percent of the DX contacts I've made in contests would have to result in 0 points, because copying all that would be almost impossible through the QRM.
And remember, the 599s are often only just about 349.....
Or don't you agree?

C U in next contest.....
de LA6CF - 599 and my name and zone is in the CB and on the map.


over 250


over 500


over 225
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