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from May 17th to June 8th 2005
Norwegian DX-radio amateur [ham]station
Address for QSL - see bottom of page

LA6CF since 1956 (may be its time to apply for OTC?)

To celebrate the 100TH anniversary for the end of the Swedish-Norwegian
union in 1905,norwegian radioamateurs with LA-calls are granted to use
the prefix LI (Lima India), while LB-calls may use LJ (Lima Juliett).

The callsigns will be limited to the period from
May 17th to June 7th, 2005,
Norwegian time
May 16th 22.00 UTC to June 7th 22.00 UTC

and will only apply to mainland stations.
This also goes for Sweden - see more info here

NRRL (The Norwegian Radio Amateur League will introduce a special award
"NORGE 1905" (= "NORWAY 1905") for contacts with LI and LJ stations
and ordinary LA stations within the same periode.
Rules for the diploma.

LA6CF intend to be operating within this periode on CW, all bands, CW/SSB
as LI6CF.
including 17m and 30m. (10m seems almost dead up here at present).
CW on apprx. 3.515 - 7.015 - 10.115 - 14.015 - 18.075 - 21.025
and 28.015

DXCC record

May 17th - got started at midnight local time.
Only 40 and 80 m active. Poor cndx.
353 QSO during first 24 hours.
May 18th - still poor cndx
abt noon passed 440 QSO

May 19th - 650 qso so far,
and today 100 qso on ten meters!
Passed 50 countries up to now.

May 21st - 750 qso up to now
10m is fun: ZR1ADI Cape Town on SSB
LW3EX and PY2CJ on CW
also 9M2 on 30m, and lots of new pfx,
as HV0 CW-20m and T77 SSB 10m

May 24th - Having great fun.
BX3, 9Y4, SV9,V51, AP2,
Now 69 countries worked, WestCoast
has come through, and also wrkd 20 JA's
in 30 minutes on 30m today.

May 26th, early morning:
Great fun - lots of new pfx coming up b4 WPX-test
Wrkd ZF2, V25(3 bands), YV, KL7, CO, VO, P4Ø,
V31, TF4, SV9, USA, JAPAN + EU, nw 960 qso's

May 31st, 2 more to go to DXCC
WPX contest over with 439 qso and 333 prefixes.
Great fun!

June 3rd, I made it - DXCC in 16 days!
Now passed 1.700 QSOs, 4 more days to go.

June 7th, last day.
During the last 1 and half hour worked 100 QSO.
During 3 weeks as LI worked 106 countries.
Logged a total of 1.924 QSOs.
Thanks to all of you!


Next year is the 50th anniversary of my radio amateur license.
I wish to do something I've always dreamed of. Go to a 'wanted' country.
So far I have thought of Faeroes or Aland Islands, of which it seems Faeroes to be
the most wanted country.

However, I have no previous experience, and neither the necessary antenna-equipment.
Any suggestions to how and where to go? And what to bring?
Anytime next year between April and September?

please e-mail! See below.


my old 40 m windom is now up 2 m on the roof of our block!

QSL address:
LA6CF, Jorgen S Aabech, Omtvedtvegen 75, N-3830 Ulefoss, Norway
Pse IRC for direct reply - or use eQSL:


over 250


over 500


over 225
Web www.vulkaner.no

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