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First of all, it has to be stated that we are all different individuals, with different interests.
Of course, amateur-radio is number one, but when it comes to QSL-ing we are all different.

AC4XL on 2005-11-08
I am sorry i don't know my return rate but i have just about give up dx too many qsl going out with g s or irc the never get any
thing back look up e mail address send e mail still no return ??? state side same thing send qsl with sase still no qsl also no e mail return
i will send a qsl to any one that send me one if it a new ham i will still send him
jin , AC4XL

W4WNT on 2005-11-05
As someone above pointed out, all the bureaus are run by volunteers. That said, take into account that when you send a card to the
outgoing bureau, it gets sorted to the country, and then sent to the country's bureau. We tell new users to the QSL bureau to
expect 18 months before they see cards returning through the bureau system.
Bill, W4WNT

PY9FP on 2005-11-04
I think the most important problem is in the bureaus that does not work well, especially here in Brazil, but instead of bureaus
like Brazil, I prefer e.QSLCC., that works perfectly well.

WB2WIK on 2005-11-02
I have a 100.0% return rate because I don't send out any cards in advance; I do "reply" 100% to all cards received, only.
So my return rate is perfect, since the return comes in before a card goes out. Can't top that.

Those were comments found in Your QSL Return Rate, reader's opinion, on the pages of eHam.net

A lot of frustration out there, and I often feel the same. On the other hand, as stated above,
I am well aware that we are all different. Some doesn't care about QSL cards at all,
while others can't live without...

So what - ? I still need about 50 cards to fill up my QSL-box for DXCC application.
By now I have worked about 287 countries, and only have 233 confirmed.
I know I will never get from many of those worked. Too many years have passed.

Then again, back in 1964 when I went QRT first time (I'm now QRV for the third time)
I had to get rid of about a few thousand QSL cards.

The second time I went QRT before the cards came through the bureau, and
apparently they were all lost. I sent about 3.000 just a few months before.

So to my point. I am working too many stations (?), up to 1.000 in a month,
and the number will probably not decrease.
I am now retired, and don't have the money to print QSL cards, so I only send to those
I receive a card from - so far.

I am, however, putting my whole log, back to 1956 on LotW and eQSL,
and must say I am totally satisfied having QSL cards that way.
I can even print out the details from LotW and call that a 'card' if I want to.

The cards are stored on my computer, and so don't take up too much space.
When it comes to awards - I am not applying for them any longer. Once I did have quite a lot.

Yes, I still wish to work all states, all counties, DOKs, provinces and whatsoever,
and keep a record of cards received, but don't think I will ever apply for anything,
may be except for DXCC when it comes to 300, and WAE when it comes to 5 bands.

See how we are all different people? We have to live with that.
So if you would be kind enough to load your log into LotW and eQSL,
I'll be perfectly satisfied and happy.

73 de
Jim, LA6CF


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