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Now, back to NOWHERE again , to get started. We did find the small path down
along the river-bed, and the olive-grove. And the trip was a reality. But to where?

So far, it wasn't much of a river-bed. Just a bunch of small stones and pebbles on the
ground, and bushes and threes of all different kinds on the sides. And it was just
here we made our first mistake. We tried to leave the river-bed to find an easier
path to walk. And so we got caught. Thorns and dense bushes, and no way out.
But we got back again (otherwise you would never have seen this story....).

Slowly the landscape around us changed. The hillsides were steeper - and higher, but still it was not too uneasy to walk.

A good advise on such a trip is to wear light clothes, and because of the sun shining on top
of you, you need a cap to protect your head.
Don't think you can do without.
From time to time we found the river-bed
crowded with bones - skeletons of dead goats - beside what was left of their skins. Don't you be the next one!

Temperature down here will get extremely high during the early afternoon-hours, so another good advise will be to start off early in the morning,
take a long SIESTA down at the end,
and then walk back later in the afternoon, when
the sun is patly hidden behind the high hillsides.


The vegetation here was strange. The trees
just had to clung onto the hillsides, and they really did.

Just look at the picture to the right, and see how the roots of that tree has forced itself down into the stony hillside, and and blasted small and larger pieces of stones to fall down into the river-bed.

Other places further down, even larger
pieces of stones where lying on the ground,
and some of them lookes as they had just
come down that very morning.

That frightened us a bit, as goats where
climbing around up there, and from time
to time we could hear the sound of
falling stones - which were loosened as
the goats climbed up and down.

But as we mentioned before, we did
survive, and come back home.
Meanwhile, we walked futher downward,
and explored the beauty of all the
different trees. The olives, the kermed-oaks,
the pines and what else.
And not to forget this one:

This tree was a really surprise to us - because of its name:
Strawberry Tree
And well, the fruits did really look like strawberries when they were ripen, but as
we had no further information, we didn't dare to taste them. Anyone having any info?

You can still find my wife in there, but stones are getting larger, and it is not so easy
any longer to follow that previous small river-bed. Luckily we came into shadow from
time to time, and that made it a lot more comfortable.

No water have been seen here for quite a long time. Speaking about water, we carried
3 liters along (my wife always has one botthe of 1/2 litre on the outside of her sack,
easy to catch). If you think you can manage with less, (and we recommend much
more during the mid-summer season), you may end up as on of those skeletons
scattered around the river-bed as mentioned above.

Here and there we came into another interesting tree, the Kermes Oak.

The nuts were growing out of their
houses, green yet, but beginning to
get the brown colour they get before
they fall down.

Will try to find out more later.

In between we also found one or two lonely flowers growing up from the pebbles
on the ground - wonder how they survive without water? Surely this must be
an interesting place for a botanist!

But it is also an interesting area for other nature-lovers. Just look at this:


At first we thought it was a humming-bird, because it stood still in the air, putting its long
bill deep into the flower to get some nectar. Then we realised that we never learned
that there are humming-birds in Greece, so we just had to look a bit closer.

It was no bird at all, but some kind of an insect, but it couldn't be more alike, except for
the trunk - look closely at the upper left picture. On its tail it seemed like it had two
white eyes with a mask around, so you could get confused and think it was sitting
(flying) the other way around, just like a Volkswagen.....
Anyone knowing about this little one? Someone does - link here

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