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As all other rivers and canyons, they some
times narrowing in, and some times
widening out.

This canyon was no exception. Only thing
was that when it gots too narrow, there were
no space left for all the big stones, and we
had to climb on top of them.

In one of those narrow parts, we suddenly met two other PEOPLE! Didn't believe there were any others around, but you can never tell...

Two englishmen from near London, man and wife. He came 'running' up the canyon first, and looked like he was on his way to a better dinner, and was a bit late for it. But he must have forgotten that the cook was way behind him, and we doubt if SHE was thinking of any kind
of dinner right there, climbing upward the river-bed.

And what a canyon now:

a thrilling experience - and more to come.... Just a pity we don't have 3D on the net yet....

Finally, after one hour and a half, we got sight of the ocean, and soon after we sat down in the
clear water. So, as you see, we managed get down the canyon to the beach.

The Beach.... Not exactly what we would call 'child-friendly', but on the other hand - if you
don't care were you jump out into the sea - there was no problem.
But we cared, and had to look for an easy place to get out into the water,
and found it on the upper left side - but watch out for the sea-urchins!
Nice and 'cool' - just about 25°C.

Then, it was past noon, and time for a nap under one of the many olive-trees.
Actually, once there must have been a lonely farmer settled down out here,
because the outher flat part of the river-bed was an olive-grove. Later on we realised
that there was old fruit-trees on the left side looking upward from the sea, and
further down the coast we sighted a small cottage (farm?) a little later:

What might once have been a small farm (?)

But it wasn't easy to see that small house on the rocky coast, here southwards, but you can
still see it, if you look carefully just above the stones in the water out to the left.
Further away, below the farthest coastline, you might also see the peninsular of
Agios Dimitrios, where we stay at night.(light colour).

Also here, way away from anything else, you can find the ever growing flowers:

Right now, have forgotten its name, but will come back....
Just wondering from where it gets its water - which we believe it just must have!

It's a funny thing - but to walk back is not exactly the same as walking down.

First you do see everything else now than when you went the other way, and second - another funny problem arises:

We broght along 3 litres of water, my wife had 1/2 liter, and the remaining was in my sack. Now, how comes that
2-1/2 litres of water is much lighter carrying down the canyon, than a sack with only 1/2 liter and no food, when you are going the other way back?

Big quiz! Do you have the answer?
Nothing to win, except for an email saying 'thank you for your interest'....

Now, if you have not understood it yet, we do think you will if you go up this canyon,
why it is important not to do it in the middle of the day, when the sun is right above.
Going back during the late afternoon-hours, gives you some shadow here and there.

But don't forget that when the sun goes down, soon after 7 o'clock, you will be
lost wherever you might be, because of the darkness. To be sure to get back that very
day, we also recommend bringing a flash-lamp or two.... You never know what comes up.

You might even spend a lot of your time down here to watch all the lizards:

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