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The Almonds

flowering almondtree

For a long time the islanders have been growing and harvesting these delicious fruits.
"Fruits?" you ask. "Isn't an almond a nut?" Well, yes and no.
Although commonly considered a nut, the almond is, curiously enough, a fruit.
It is part of the family from which other stone-fruit trees derive their origin,
namely the rose family. Stone fruits include peaches, apricots, and plums.

The roots of almond history extend far back to Asia Minor and
the Mediterranean region. In fact, long before the time of Christ,
Middle Easterners were using almonds as a regular feature of their diet,
and for good reason.
A handful of plain almonds provides not only
a tasty snack but a healthful one. Almonds contain important nutrients,
as well as significant amounts of essential vitamins and minerals.

"From our place high on a hill, we could see a series of white islands scattered
throughout the blue-green hillside above. A closer look reveals that what seems from
a distance to be fields of white popcorn balls are, in reality, thousands of
individual trees, each full of white blooms with delicate pink centers
that fill the air with their heady fragrance.
These delights that thrill our senses best describe an almond orchard
in full bloom during early spring." (Anonymous)

They do not export almonds from La Palma any longer. Other countries
that have had greater opportunities have taken over. For one reason,
machines are used to shake the trees, gather up the almonds, and even separate
the debris of dirt and hulls from the fruit.
When you look at the landscape
down here, you just can't imagine how they should be able to do the
harvesting here in the same matter.

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Often, when we went around in the hills, and watched the beautiful panorama of
almond orchards in full bloom, we thought of these words written so many centuries ago:
"Praise Jehovah from the earth, . . . you mountains and all you hills, you fruit trees and all you cedars."
(Psalm 148:7-9 in the Bible)

Even at sunset it's a marvelous sight!

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