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Bondhus-glacier at the Folkefonna

It was on our way back home from Iceland, where we had spent two weeks,
that we passed a road-sign pointing up to an arm of a glacier,
coming down from the Folkefonna glacier.
Curious as always, we had to stop. On with our boots, which we were now
quite familiary with after walking around in Iceland, we set off for new adventures.

Bondhuselva (The River Bondhus) was the name of the river coming down from
the glacier, and we followed that up most of the way.

The weather could not be much better, however, seeing the rainbow around the sun,
told us that there might be rain ahead somewhere....

The surroundings were also peaceful, as we walked further up the valley.

Then suddenly the road was closed. Was that the end of that adventure?
We was not too familiar with oxen, even though we had been to Spain a few times.
So now what? Well, we wanted to see the glacier, so we went on.

and, of course, there it was......
But if you right-click on the picture you will see how we were saved.

Its good to bring your binoculars, you can get good pictures of flowers (and oxen....)
that are out of your reach. These rare flowers grows normally only out in the streams
of rivers in Western Norway. They are called Saxifraga cotyledon, in latin.
Fjelldronning in norwegian (meaning Mountain-queen), Pyramidal Saxifrage in english(?).

Wondering what temperature was in the water - it came from the ice - and it was COLD.

After about an hour, we sighted the glacier coming down from the top of the mountain.
Still a bit to go. The tourist-info said 'a two hous walk', but we knew from before,
that we always spent more that what was normal.

So many things to look at.....

We approached....

...and around the next corner, we came to the Bondhus Lake, right down for the glacier.
A short stop, and then 'on the road again'. However, the road we had walked on so far,
was made for transport, too. Now we had to walk further on a narrow path along the shore.

We still had the wood all around us, as the lake was only about 200 m asl.
You can still see the glacier coming down in the background.

From time to time we passed smaller rivers coming down from the mountainslopes,
often in high beautiful waterfalls before they reached the bottom.

We were not the only ones up here. Out in the lake was a couple in a rowboat.
What could be more peaceful?

We just love walking in a landscape like this.

At the end of the lake, we had to start climbing again, and now we could look
back and see from where we started - somewhere down there....

Looking the other way around - we are getting closer now.

and there it was, the Bondals-glacier, and arm of Folkefonna.

Suddenly came another road-sign:

We did not wish to be heroes, so we stopped right there....

As close as that, and that just seemed to be enough to satisfy our curiousity
as it comes to glaciers.....
However, we recalled the icebergs in Iceland when we saw this!

Time for anothe rest, before going back.

We passed the sign warning for oxen again on the way down, but met no other
animals than this fellow here. And he wasn't THAT big...

Funny, but everything looks different when you walk the other way....
This what our view on our way back to the car.
5 hours up and down, and enough for one day.
Remember, it's more than 20 years since we both passed 40....


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