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f If you have children, or even grandchildren, why not give them a week they'll never forget? We tried it, here on Fuerteventura.
We jumped on a charter-tour without specifications, one of those last-minute tickets at lowest possible price.
And again we were lucky. This was the 10th time!

But what to do on an island made of volcanoes? Of course you can spend the day by the
swimming-pool at your hotel and the children will have lots of fun playing around - in the water - or in between all the sun-bathers...

Could it be that you have forgotten how it is to play out in the free? Get to know the elements - the ocean - the waves - the sand
- the fresh air etc!
There is no such thing as seeing children playing on a beach. But you have to be careful,
it is sometimes extremely difficult to get them up from the water again.

How, then, do you get to a beach? Now as you are there with the children, you no doubt want to go to a lonely beach, such as
when we are alone. If you don't have a beach near your hotel, you can either ask for a bus - there are plenty of good bus-routes
on the island - or you can hire a car. It isn't that expencive if you value the natural beaches.
You can have a small car for about 35 Euros a day. And the beaches are plenty.

Here is another tip: If you'd like some peace - remember that the children will be
out in the water most of the time - and you can have your wife watching them while
you take a nap yourself!

Of course, after a day or two on the beach all the time, children often like to do something else for a while. And if you live far
away from any ZOO at home, there is a great possibility to give them another unforgettable moment.

You find it somewhere down the eastern coast, near the town of Tarajalejo, and it's called ZOO and Camel Safari, in La Lajita.

You can see more than 50 animals and 200 different birds here, even alligators and crocodiles. It is a very nice and gently
park, and believe it or not, since they have a lot
of trees and flowers there, it is not hot at all to walk around. And when it comes to
dinner-time, they have a very cheap cafeteria and a no more expencive restaurant.

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