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Vegetation And Fruit

Apart from the very old larisilva-wood, on top of the central island, at 1.000 m asl,
the rest of this apparently dry and barren island is so full of all different kinds of trees
and flowers, that we now feel we never should have started writing about them..
So what is written below, will just have to be all for now.

  Nisperas in spanish (mispel in english), and you'll find them in almost every
private garden in Valle Gran Rey, and elsewhere in the wilderness. Our first taste of
this unknown fruit
to us, was on our trip to the waterfall, where we found a tree
on the slopes on our way back. Thirsty as we were, we just had to try tasting a bit -
even though we did not know what it was - or if it was poisonous.
We did,
however, get back. Later on, we began to love those juicy small fruits,
with a taste of citrus, and really a fine fruit when the sun was burning.
But you should stop after 3 or 4 at a time, because of your stomach...

Another fascinating tree, the carob-tree. Here buds and flowers, and in the background,
fruits - all at once. We believe there are at least two different kinds here..
One for food, and one for 'looking nice', like the one we brought back seeds from,
last time on Lanzarote, and which looks like having a fine time in our living-room.

In the fruit-farm we found it crowded by butterflies. One of them, in the centre of the picture above, is also pictured on the upper right photo, and below the caterpillar is going to be another beautiful butterfly in the near future.


No problems down here, for the fruit to grow, even if
daily watering is a must. This 'small' lemon we
found in the garden outside our appartment. Delicious!

Papaya-fruits in top of
a palm. Not sure how to
get 'em down. - at least I
have no plans at present....

A bit south of the Vueltas
harbour in Valle Gran Rey, another narrow canyon comes out.
It is said to lead to one of the more difficult wandering-routes on the island. But before
starting to climb upwards, there lies a beautiful small 'finca' - or fruitgarden, which a german
couple have been managing for several years. They are specializing in tropical fruits,
and have about a 150 different kinds growing there!. List is here.

From their harvest in 1997. The long brown thing at lower left is the carob-fruit. (Check
photo further up the page..). In the centre of the picture, you can see some greyish thing,
something spun this using very fine narrow threads or fibres,
(how can a tree do that?), and inside a beautiful tasty small red fruit.
For the rest, please check the list of fruits, in latin, english and german.

They show you around once or twice weekly - and do you have any interest at all in gardening
or in exotic fruits, you just have to join in. During the trip, you will be offered to taste more
than 15 different fruits (picture above) and you will learn quite a bit more about them.
(We did not even know they existed....)

They have also made a data-bank of fruits growing there, but it is far away from being
complete. However, it includes a lot of photos of both flowers and fruits,
and you can look at it right here!

You may write books, several books, as some people already have done, about all the trees and flowers and fruits of La Gomera, but for now, just a few more tasty samples:

Passion-fruit, flowering and ready to eat.

Guava-flower and fruit - haven't you tried it yet?

Vegetation, Fruit

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