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When you arrive by boat at San Sebastian on the east-coast of La Gomera, your first
impression is that you have come to a small village like so many other small
fishing-villages in the Canary Islands. But here everything apparently is put upside down. Surrounded by dry sunburned mountain slopes, our bus creeps up through sharp curves towards the "limit for the trees" at 800 meters above sea level. There, at THAT very
height, the trees begin to cover the mountains..

After about half an hour you are in the middle of a jungle-like ancient wood, like the one
that covered the Mediterranean countries several thousand years ago. Still many sharp
curves to round, and it is the trees, and not the mountain slopes as one should epect when
you are up more than a thousand metre asl, that hides what is to come behind the
next curve. Further on, clouds covered the road, unless the wind was blowing them away,
either from the right side, or from the left, depending on if it blew from east or west,
or which way the road was heading.

Finally across to the western side, we began 'climbing' down again, and luckily partly
through tunnels, because here you had a marvellous view from the bus-window -
right down several hundred metres - so if you lost control of your car here, you lost
everything else, too. Well below the tree-limit again (!), Valle Gran Rey revealed with its beautiful landscape:

White houses and high palms, flowers, mistel-trees, bananaplants, orangetrees,
lemontrees, pines and what else there is to find in this green valley - which widens out
more and more the closer you get to the Atlantic Ocean, just to see how the valley now
ends up in the small villages that all together make up this lovely community.
La Calera, La Playa and Playa del Ingles at right, and Puntilla, Bobalan and Vueltas
with the harbour and a few beaches to the left.

Where in the world have we now actually arrived?
This island was certainly not at all like Lanzarote, our holiday-island, nor was it like
Fuerte Ventura and the hide-away beaches there. And a tourist-machinery like
Tenerife or Gran Canary it was certainly not, neither.

What to do here for three long weeks? Search for a new lonely beach?
Get lost in the jungle on top of the island - or climb up and down all the mountains?
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Have a nice trip!


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