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By boat around the island


Offerings for whale-safari, dolphin-safari, roundtrips and sailboat-trips were many.
We chose a trip around the island one day when the weather looked promising - with the
motorvessel "Tina". We left the harbour at 10 AM and were scheduled to be back at 5 PM.

At first we got the view of Valle Gran Rey
from a new side - from the seaside. Pictures
of this sight are found on our pages about
Valle Gran Rey.

Not long after departure, the first few
dolphins began playing along the boat.

After passing under the mountain La Merica
- and our own 'lonely' beach - we went further north, and soon we could spot the village of Taguluche from the opposite side than when
we walked out towards La Merica on the ridge
in the back of the photo at left.


There was more mountain to come on this trip. As my wife said when we came back home and was asked if we had any photos from the place: "Oh yes, mountains,
mountains and mountains...". But, anyway -
it was fun! Just look at the amusing
mountains on the photo to the right.

La Gomera is certainly of volcanic origin,
even if there has been no activity for the
past few thousand years. In the meantime nature has done what it wanted with the landscape, and at the same time the sun has baked the mountainslopes, and the ocean eaten the lower part of the island.

Finally, when we rounded the northern tip,
at "Los Organos" (see below), we were met
by strong wind, and the Captain found out
that it was better going back south finding
a sheltered bay, rather than continuing
towards heavy sea, and everybody getting seasick, not able to care whether we were
there or anywhere else.... And I must say that was very thoughtful of him, don't you agree?

Then on our way back, we passed by the amusing stone-formation again, and note
that now there are heavy dark clouds over
the old forest up in the mountains.




But first we were still going further north. And as mentioned, the weather became more windy.
The big waves rolled over the ragged coastline, and left 'an ocean' of white sea-spray.
Another amusing stone-formation showed up, two smaller rocks below in the sea,
and two larger ones on top of the mountain, almost alike in shape.

"Los Organos" finally revealed. We had heard about this mountainwall earlier, it is only
approachable from the sea. And we soon understood why. At first sight, this looks like
an unusual formation - but there was more to come.

First a close-up view, which actually doesn't say much about how mighty all this would be
as we came closer. Of course, there was no sign on the wall telling us what kind of
force that once had made all this .

The place was well announced in good time, and some trips take you right up here and nowhere else - about two hours from Valle Gran Rey. So there were passengers hanging all trying to eternalise this overwhelming view.

It all is said to come from pre-historic volcanic activity, when for some reason, lava has
cooled down too fast, and made up those basalt-formations.
Except for what is written above, I don't dare make further comments. Just ascertain that
something like this you don't find anywhere else - and that once in a while you have to bow
down into the dust, in deep respect for the surprising and marvellous creation.
This sight itself was worth the trip

As mentioned earlier, mountains and ragged coastline were to show up all the way. South of
Valle Gran Rey, where we were now heading owing to bad weather, we were looking for a quiet
bay, for bathing and a tasty dinner with (of course) local fish. On our way, we passed a small canyon, revealing the now well known mountain of "Fortaleza" (1.241 m. asl) in the background.

Up there, in the mountains, you can still find some of the original inhabitants - from before the Europeans arrived - living as they more or less have done all the time with their farming, cattle
and bananas. A lot more fertile, too, up above 1.000 m asl, as we have told in our trip to the "Laurisilva" wood of the Tertiary Age. As a matter of fact, it looked to us that only Valle Gran Rey
is what can be called a lovely green valley on this island (but so far, we haven't seen it all, yet).

For the children on board, and some others, too - the climax of the trip, was when late in the
afternoon we turned westward, out in the deep sea, looking for dolphins and whales. Thanks to a German TV-team from Hessischer Rundfunk, we think the Captain let us have an extra trip to suit
them - anyway, we were not back into the harbour till 7 PM, two hours behind the schedule.

And the dolphins came. They were many. On the lower picture above, is a mama and her babe.
At this time of the year, they don't normally play with tourists as they are afraid what could happen
to their youngsters - just as we are. But today they were there - enjoying both young and old.
This was also a trip that we gladly recommend.

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