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Pleasure - And The End

One day we observed an announcement in the back-window of a car.
On Saturday someone was to play in a discotheque. So there must be such
a thing here. What else related to the happy hours, we think you will find in La Playa,
and may be in Puntilla, but it won't be much.
For ourselves, we are so tired from all the pleasure we have had during the day,
that when nightlife takes off, it is without our attendance.

Well, some nightlife also came to us. Every night (read:morning) about 4 AM,
all the cocks started awakening the hens. First only one, then one more, and soon
all 6 (?) of them. We were told that a few years ago, a distinguished german lady
complained to the Mayor, resulting in slaughtering of all the cocks living along the
main road. But some of the chickens must have grown up since then...

This place also has its own Internet-Cafe, claiming to be the first one in the Canary
Islands, and that's nice. And convenient. For about 100 Ptas you can in 5 minutes
send an E-mail to your folks back home, and make certain that everyone at home
has got colds and
flu and that it is raining or snowing or whatsoever. And that's
also a kind of pleasure... Or you can play games on any of the 5 computers here
but for nothing else.

Just as all other places in Islas Canarias, Valle Gran Rey also offers
"whalesafaries", around the island (it is about 20x22 kilometres wide, and has
a coastline of 87 kilometres,) or a sailtrip (you must have some experience),
or by fishingboat to look up any of the 20 whales- and dolphins observed here
during the past 10 years.

Outside Vuelta, a bit further south, you will find the most difficult of the many
paths on the island. But before you start climbing up, some hundred yards
up the canyon, is a huge fruit-garden with more than 150 different fruitplants
and trees. They take you around there once or twice a week, and you are
offered more than 15 different tasteful exotic samples of fruits.
Very interesting, and lots of fruits unknown to us from far north.
See more about this place here: "Fruits And Vegetation".

Pleasures? There are a many things to be satisfied with. But most people still don't
feel comfortable with the insignificant things of life. Like sitting here in the dim light
from a candle, writing down this story, while the sun is leaving for today
disappearing somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean.

At left in this picture, you barely can see El Hierro, the smallest of the 7 larger
Canary-Islands. Way up to the right,under the deep blue night-sky, sometimes you can
see the lights from the villages on La Palma. Soon after, the stars are coming out
of nowhere, forming a shiny, blinking, carpet.

What more can you desire?


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