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Town And Tour-maps

1. To Our Own Beach ... 2. Tour Up And Across Merica 3. Trail To Waterfall
1. Around The Woods . 5. Up And Down Valle Gran Rey 6. Fruit-garden And Rough Path
  7. Boat Roundtrip  


The map to the left, we found on the Net when back home, and you can only see the t
new tunnel scarcely marked. Wondering how about the paths. But they have now issued
another newer map:
La Gomera "Tour & Trail" 1:40,000 scale Map (edition 2000) ISBN 1-899554-28-9 5 post paid.,

At the same time they announced a new book with several new trials described.
This book is written in the English language, and comes in addition to all the
German ones. (No, nothing wrong about them, but it's easier to understand English,
at least if you know that language better...)
More information at

We have not seen neither the book nor the map, so we can't tell you much more,
but we are referring to the company, believing someone might wish to be a little
more updated BEFORE they go there. We were not.

Town-tour map

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