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ICELAND 2004  


If we pass something that looks like a wood on Iceland,
we always try to find a path to walk. Especially if it leads somewhere, as it did here.

Normally it is quite easy to walk in the woods in Iceland.
By the way, they have a joke up there, saying that if you ever get lost in a wood in Iceland,
just rise up and look around....
However, there are always things to look at on you way. The flowers late in May are rich in variety.

Following the river upward, we soon came to a waterfall.

...but there were many more to come...

As we 'climbed' higher up, the wood slowly disappeared, and mountain-flowers took over.

So, suddenly, we saw it. The goal for our trip: Svartifoss (The Black Waterfall)


Yes, there's a lot of water coming down.
Of course, would have been nice with a shower, too, but that wasn't so easy here.

On our way back, we had what seemed to be part of Vatnajökull, the ice-cap,
and somewhere in there is the highest mountain of Iceland, at 2,119 m asl,
called Hvannadalshnúkur.

On our way back - and down - to our car, we could see what
what to come next. Mile after mile of flat landscape, and a road as stright ahead
as never seen before.
However, interrupted by rivers - many rivers - and beside the new bridges,
we could see remains of what was older bridges, which had been taken by the
'jökullaups', the flood from the volcanic eruptions under the ice-cap of Vatnajökull.

We haven't tried to count the rivers yet, but there sure are many.


over 250


over 500


over 225
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